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Update: I’ve Updated the Mike Rawlings Venn Diagram Again

Earlier today, when writing about a claim mayoral candidate Marcos Ronquillo made regarding Mayor Mike Rawlings’ campaign war chest, I had occasion to update the Venn diagram I made a few years ago, in order to keep straight all the different Mike Rawlingses. In the comments, a reader astutely noted I had left off one of the most notable Mikes: Regional Mike. I’ve made the appropriate changes.

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Marcos Ronquillo Questions Mayor Rawlings’ Campaign Contributions

Mayoral candidate Marcos Ronquillo is claiming that Mayor Mike Rawlings violated Chapter 15A-2 of city election law (which, as you all know, pertains to the campaign contribution limit). Because of this, he wants the mayor to return almost $100,000 in donations from a list of folks that reads like the Dallas Social Directory: Ray Hunt, Robert Rowling, Erle Nye, Ruth Altshuler, Bobby Lyle, John Scovell, Rusty Rose, Marguerite Hoffman, Brint Ryan, Boone Pickens, and Barry Andrews, to name a few.

Here is a full list: Rawlings Contributions

A release from the Ronquillo campaign says that Dallas elections manager Brylon Franklin “has suggested … that a loophole may exist that would allow Mayor Rawlings to accept unlimited campaign contributions since he is now an ‘officeholder’ and not a ‘candidate.'”

This brings up two things:

1) Marcos Ronquillo might be more willing to attack the mayor than he has previously suggested, and

2) We now have to update our Mike Rawlings Venn diagram

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