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Making Dallas Even Better

Eric Nadel Sends Photos From Comerica Park in Detroit

UPDATE, 2:33 pm: It’s raining in Detroit.  We could be in for another delay. Texas Rangers’ radio play-by-play announcer Eric Nadel is at Comerica Park in Detroit where the Rangers are getting ready to embarrass the Detroit Tigers. He sent a few pictures he took as he walked into the park. I urge you to […]

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Dos and Don’ts of Skipping Work to Watch the NCAA Tournament

Today kicks off the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament, and it is — traditionally — a day when office workers take really, really long lunches so as to cram in as much men’s college basketball tournament fun as possible (read: drink). So, anyway. A list. Because people love two things: AMERICA. And lists.

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Play D Magazine‘s NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge Contest Thing, Win $150 to Ozona, My Grudging Admiration

Join us here. Our group is called Best Waffles. I’m sure I have somehow botched this, so let me know in the comments, with as little cheer as possible. Or a ton of it. Just use exclamation points and I won’t know the difference. UPDATE: Forgot to mention, if you need some help with your […]

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