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Making Dallas Even Better

Dan Jenkins Gives Good Tweet About the Masters

If you’re a golf fan, you should be following Fort Worth’s Dan Jenkins on Twitter. I’ll let this story today from Poynter explain why. Jenkins is 86 and has been covering the tournament every year since 1951. As great as his observations are, I wonder what “covering,” for him, means these days. He’s on oxygen. I can’t imagine him doing anything other than watching on TV, just like the rest of us. Anyway, follow along. He himself jokes about how much longer he’ll be able to do this.

Does Mike Rawlings Know He’s the Mayor of Dallas, Not Dallas-Fort Worth?

As Mike Rawlings told the Dallas Morning News editorial board recently, he’s “a numbers guy.” So anchoring all the puffery in his new mayor’s letter was one solid factoid: “According to a recent Forbes study, Dallas is now the fourth fastest-growing city in the country.” Wait, what? I mean, without even checking, I instinctively knew that wasn’t true, not by a long shot. What was this claim doing here? I had to get to the bottom of this.

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Questions About Jill Jordan’s Bewildering ‘Trinity Lakes’ Briefing

On Friday afternoon, a Facebook post by Robert “Fingers of Fury” Wilonsky captured my attention. Said Wilonsky: “If you read one Dallas City Council briefing all weekend, make it this one: the surreal Trinity Lakes Amenities Design Plan.” How could I resist? To the extent I had any lingering doubts, he helpfully provided two illustrations: one of an alarming number of people crowded under a freeway overpass, evidently engaging in some sort of hyper merry-making; and another of a small tree-lined four-lane boulevard. Hmm … I had the sense this would prove enlightening.

Assistant City Manager Jill Jordan’s cover memo to the briefing document helpfully closed with the statement “Please feel free to contact me if you need additional information.” After reading through the 99-page attachment, I actually had quite a few questions, so I prepared to contact her. Upon closer reading, however, I noticed that: 1) she didn’t provide her contact details; and 2) even if she had done so, the memo was addressed exclusively to “The Honorable Members of the Transportation and Trinity River Project Committee,” and I’m not a member.

Therefore, lacking such access, I am posting my questions here, in the hopes that they might reach Ms. Jordan and Judge Vonciel Jones Hill (the Committee chair) prior to the meeting:

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Dallas-Fort Worth is Very Excited About the Upcoming Release of Grand Theft Auto V

That’s according to what the folks around these parts are sharing on YouTube. On the YouTube trends page, you can compare our preferences to those in other cities. It’s pretty clear that our whole country is having a love affair with Charles Ramsey. In case you weren’t already aware, Grand Theft Auto V is a video […]

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Gordon Keith Goes Paycheck Peeking

The Ticket’s own Gordon Keith has an op-ed today in the Morning News (paywall) about the annual “What People Earn” issue of Parade and about our desire to know what our friends and neighbors and favorite quarterbacks make. Gordon leads his story with an anecdote involving me, Eric Celeste, and Adam McGill. Careful readers will […]

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Everyone Should Just Calm Down About the Olympics Coming to Dallas

Yesterday, the United States Olympic Committee sent letters out to 35 American cities, to gauge their interest in bidding for the 2024 Summer Olympics. Some locals thought the letter said “ZOMG DALLAS HERE’S THE OLYMPICS.” Problem with that: Dallas is not even close to being able to handle the Olympics. There are a lot of metrics […]

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Texas A&M Fan Plans Childbirth for 12-12-12, Takes ‘Twelfth Man’ Thing Way Too Far

Email from Medical City Dallas: “Beth Evans is delivering her son, Palmer Chad Evans, today. She was due on December 13, but asked her obstetrician to deliver on Dec. 12, to enjoy the good luck of the day and connection with their favorite team, the Aggies. The whole family is made up of passionate Aggies, […]

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