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Making Dallas Even Better

Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Feb. 10

It’s Ash Wednesday, which means my mother should be calling me any minute now to ask whether I went to Mass this morning. I did not. I didn’t have the time. There are only so many things that can be done in one day. Today, those things are Low at the Kessler, Texas Ballet Theater at the DMA, and Scott Stapp at the Granada.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Feb. 9

We’ve arrived at Fat Tuesday, the final gasp of beaded debauchery before 40 days of penitence and fasting. I’ve never been big on Mardi Gras, but I do like the idea of Lent. It’s a divinely ordained new year’s resolution with some actual consequences — if you quit going to the gym or have a cigarette by Feb. 1, you may have to bashfully concede to friends that your will was shattered on the rock of temptation. If you screw up during Lent, though, there’s always the chance you wind up in a Hieronymous Bosch painting.

Lent and the threat of eternal damnation can wait. Tonight, we march through Deep Ellum, focus on a new exhibit at the Fort Worth Modern, and listen to polyphonic music about polyamory at Trees.

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Dallas Dating Guide Launches Today

Dallas consistently ranks alongside other major cities (many within the state) as one of the top destinations for young professionals and singles. With this in mind, we’ve created an expansive guide to how to navigate Dallas’ dating landscape.

From suggestions on where to spend a first date to what to say during that outing, our Dallas Dating Guide is a look inside the city’s most romantic spots. Moving forward, the guide will expand with new propositions and pieces of advice offered weekly. Whether you’re new to love or a one half of a long-married couple, there’s something for everyone. Use this guide to inspire your love story. Or, at least, a story. (Either way, I want to know.)

Get started with the Dallas Dating Guide here.

Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend: Feb. 5-7

If you have a time machine, like sandwiches, and want to win some Modest Mouse tickets, cruise into that wormhole and rewind to about 3:30 pm yesterday. You’re going to want to tune in to the live video edition of “Things To Do In Dallas,” which is a thing we did over on the D Magazine Facebook page with mostly minimal embarrassment. Listen closely for a trivia question. The answer is Blade Runner. Congratulations. You’re going to see Modest Mouse and eat $50 worth of sandwiches.

Spoiler Alert: The three best things to do in Dallas this weekend are the Mardi Gras parade in Oak Cliff, Teatro Dallas’ International Festival, and Super Bowl watch parties at the Granada Theater and the Bomb Factory. But that’s really just the tip of the Dallas events iceberg, and I’m about to steer this ocean liner of a blog directly at that sucker.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Feb. 3

Mercutio’s always been the real star of Romeo and Juliet. If Billy Shakes was writing for television in 2016, I like to imagine Mercutio would get his own spin-off that would run for six critically acclaimed seasons after people inevitably got tired of those whiny teenagers with the beefing families. Unfortunately, we may never see the crime drama Mercutio: Verona Vice come to fruition.

We can see a contemporary Shakespeare adaptation in 2016, however. It looks an awful lot like the Dallas Theater Center’s production at Kalita Humphreys Theater. Elsewhere, we can see a bizarre musical comedy about cowboys, and some of the finest fashion of the Jazz Age.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Feb. 2

Can you spot all the feline wordplay in this description of the Amazing Acro-Cats, the circus cat troupe at the Texas Theatre tonight? I spy “purrform” and “purrformances.” I see “available meow,” which is a little too easy. “Kitten around” makes an appearance at the end of the second paragraph. I’m disappointed not to see “a-mew-sing” or some variation of “you have cat to be,” but I’ll let it slide because the company’s tambourine-playing chicken is named Cluck Norris.

If instrument-playing, skateboarding stunt cats aren’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of human beings providing entertainment around town. Dallas residents tell their best stories at the “Partner In Crime” edition of Oral Fixation, and The Bridges of Madison County is your February musical from Dallas Summer Musicals.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Jan. 28

I would say A Prairie Home Companion is the aural equivalent of watching paint dry, but Garrison Keillor is far more aggressively boring. The paint doesn’t have any malicious intent. It’s just paint, doing its job. Keillor, I always imagine, takes some kind of perverse joy in putting you to sleep.

I don’t “get” Keillor. At least 17 million weekly listeners do, however, and far be it from me to dissuade them from going to see the Prairie Home Companion host tonight at the Eisemann Center in Richardson. The radio host is retiring from his little gig on the prairie after this national tour, so say farewell while you can.

Elsewhere, Lupe Fiasco performs at Gas Monkey Live, and MBS Productions premieres a new show.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Jan. 27

My week is on an upward trajectory. The roommates left town, which means I can listen to this Downtown Boys record at unusual hours and punishing volumes. As the Oscar of my present domestic situation, I can happily watch the dishes pile up without judgment. I can spend three hours in the shower, if I so desire. I can sleep on the couch, the floor, the kitchen table — really any surface in the apartment. I can come home late and loud after an evening spent at the Winspear watching the hit musical If/Then, or at Bass Performance Hall seeing the Shaping Sound dance troupe do its thing.

Live every week like your roommates are in Portland. Stay out late on a Wednesday and cause your own private scene when you return home. You deserve it.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Jan. 26

While there is something to be said about the joys of a quiet night in, there are more things to be said about going out. Things like: “This discussion about the future of Fair Park should be fun. But maybe I’ll go see a posse of Elvis impersonators in Fort Worth instead. And there’s always that well-regarded poet speaking at SMU. Tuesday nights sure are swell and full of things to do.”

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Jan. 25

Lord of the Flies is my personal favorite of the classics on high school required reading lists — all respect due to 1984 and The Odyssey — and it remains pretty ripe for adaptation. William Golding’s boys-gone-wild novel has been turned into a new play opening tonight at WaterTower Theatre. Elsewhere, your Dallas Stars take on the hated Calgary Flames, and Texas authors read out loud at the DMA.

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