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What It Means Now That Rajon Rondo Is In Dallas

First off, read this fantastic Sports Illustrated profile of Rajon Rondo by the great Lee Jenkins. This is the guy you’re getting, Dallas, a player so competitive he said this after a 12-year-old kid at a Boys & Girls Club in Dorcester, Massachusetts, beat him at Connect Four:

“But did you notice I played the guy five more times and won them all? I had to show him, ‘You beat me, but I’ll beat the s— out of you.'”

I, for one, am excited. So is my friend and fellow Mavs fan Rondo Estrello. Now, onto what this all means.

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Leading Off (12/19/14)

Mavs Acquire Rajon Rondo. In a move that signals the 19-8 Dallas Mavericks are planning a serious run at the NBA title this season, the team traded three players and draft picks to the Boston Celtics to get the point guard. Rondo is set become a free agent after this season.

Pilot Dead After Small Plane Crash. He was attempting to land his aircraft at Mesquite Airport just after 6 p.m. last night when he struck two homes in Seagoville about 9 miles south of the airport and landed in an open field. The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating.

Cow Thefts on the Rise. Just two or three cows are now worth $4,000 to $5,000 thanks to our insatiable appetite for beef, so the number of incidents of cattle rustling at North Texas ranches is up. As this great recent Planet Money podcast episode explains, the crime is fairly easy to get away with.

UT-Dallas Graduates Its Youngest Ph.D. Ever. Austin Howard started college at age 13 and earned his bachelor’s degree before he was 16. Now, at 22, he’s got a doctorate in physics. Yeah, so what have you done with your life, slacker?

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USMNT Coming to Toyota Stadium For 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup

FC Dallas’ home pitch will host the US Men’s National Team on July 7 to kick off the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup. You can read more about that here. Tell ‘em what’s up Jurgen Klinsmann:

“We are thrilled to play our opening game of the CONCACAF Gold Cup in Frisco,” he says. “Winning the tournament is the number one priority for the senior National Team in 2015, so it’s important that we get started on the right foot. It’s a great stadium and there’s a tremendous tradition for soccer in the area, so we’re hoping to get huge support from all our fans.”

Who’s excited? This guy, for one.

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Key to Cowboys Victory: Ignoring Andrew Luck’s Compliments

With that wonderful win Sunday night, the Cowboys have put themselves in position to win the division, and possibly even earn a bye in the first week of the playoffs — or to completely rip the hearts out of fans who could resist hope until only recently.

This week’s game against the Colts will be the biggest challenge. And the Cowboys have a lot to deal with. In addition to DeMarco “Spray Tan” Murray’s surgically repaired hand, and Orlando Scandrick’s seems-like-a-real-life-Chappelle Show-sketch desire to run up the score on hospitalized children who dare play him in Madden, this week the team has to face the unrelenting kindness of Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.

The Wall Street Journal has a great story about just how jarring Luck’s niceties can be. Apparently, any time he’s knocked down he retaliates with love. From the WSJ:

Luck has become famous for congratulating—sincerely and enthusiastically—any player to hit him hard. Any sack is met with a hearty congratulations, such as ”great job” or “what a hit!” He yells it after hard hits that don’t result in sacks, too. It is, players say, just about the weirdest thing any quarterback does in the NFL.

When New England pass rusher Rob Ninkovich pulverized Luck last month in a Patriots’ 42-20 win, he got the customary congratulations. As Ninkovich tells it, he found himself paralyzed with confusion by the well-wishes, so he blurted out “Thanks for…uh…accepting that hit?” before running back to the huddle.

Also, Dallas is 3-4 at home this year. So there’s that.

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Emmanuel Mudiay May Be Cut From Chinese Team

Coming out of high school at the perpetually embattled Prime Prep, Emmanuel Mudiay was a top-five recruit, a do-it-all point guard with size. He signed with SMU, giving the school its biggest coup in the Larry Brown era and prompting talk of hey-just-maybe national title talk. But either because he wanted to make money for his family right away, the shakiness of any transcript coming from the perpetually embattled Prime Prep, or both, Mudiay decided to skip college and signed with the Guangdong Southern Tigers for $1.2 million. (He also has an endorsement deal with Under Armour.) And now, after only 10 games, he may be cut from the squad as he rehabs an ankle injury. SB Nation’s Tom Ziller has a good look at the situation:

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Stephen Jones Has a Big Ol’ Tummy

Here’s my breakdown of the below video from last night’s game: the camera cuts to the owner’s box at Soldier Field. Stephen Jones is super nervous, for whatever reason. Maybe it’s because he’s sitting next to his dad. Maybe it’s because he can’t wait to get on the Cowboys party bus and cruise for chicks in Wrigleyville. Maybe it’s because he has stage-four restless leg syndrome. I don’t know. But his legs are bouncing at 100 mph. His tie is askew. His arms are crossed. Then he looks up to check the television broadcast on a monitor above his head, and here’s what goes through his head:

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Leading Off (12/5/14)

Protesters Can’t Get on Interstate 35. For the second straight week, following the second straight week in which the non-indictment of a white police officer for the death of a black man made national headlines, demonstrators took to the streets of downtown Dallas to voice their displeasure. Five people were arrested. The protesters were demanding justice for Eric Garner, who was choked to death by a cop in Staten Island, New York, last summer. Unlike last week, they were unsuccessful in making their way onto Interstate 35E to block traffic. They are reportedly planning another demonstration tonight at 8 p.m.

Cowboys Beat the Bears. Dallas topped Chicago 41-28 at Soldier Field. The win comes a year too late to spare downtown Dallas the sight (and sound) of Tim busking.

Baylor and TCU to Make Final Bids For Playoff Spot. The Horned Frogs have the better shot of finishing ranked among the top four teams in college football and therefore to make the playoffs. That’s because they’ve got a higher ranking than the Bears at this moment and are facing a weaker opponent for their final game of the season on Saturday. However, Baylor beat TCU in the team’s head-to-head matchup earlier this year, and both teams are likely to finish with identical records, which gives the Bears a decent counterargument to the Frogs’ overall stronger strength of schedule. FiveThirtyEight says TCU has a 96.3 percent playoff chance while Baylor’s odds are only 18.2 percent.

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SMU Football Is On Pace For One of the Worst Seasons in College Football History

Yes, SMU is bad. You know this. You just might not have known how bad. Some stats, then.

SMU is averaging 9.6 points per game. The second-lowest scoring team in FBS football is Wake Forest, at 14.8 points per game. That’s 5.2 points less than the second-worst offensive team in the country. For some perspective, the next biggest jump is 3.1 points. That’s between the top scoring offense (Baylor) and the second (Marshall). It’s also the widest gap between the worst and second-worst offenses since at least 2000 (Idaho and Massachusetts were separated by 3.1 points in 2012).

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DeMarco Murray Accused of Having Affair With Former Teammate’s Wife

Well, this is about as salacious as it gets. And the ultimate source for all things salacious: TMZ.

Yesterday Brennan Clay took to Twitter to announce that his soon-to-be-ex wife was having an affair with Cowboys star running back (and MVP candidate) DeMarco Murray, a former teammate of Clay’s at the University of Oklahoma. Clay told TMZ he found an old cell phone of his wife’s that had more than 50 “inappropriate” messages to and from Murray, along with explicit photos.

Clay’s wife, Gina D’Agostini, is a fitness instructor in Dallas. She deleted her Twitter and Facebook accounts not long after the allegations went public.

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How the Cowboys Ruined Thanksgiving

That’s the claim that Mike Shropshire makes about America’s Team’s annual Turkey Day match, in a piece published today on Slate:

The football aspect has warped Thanksgiving in this region to the point that the success of the family interchange relies mostly on the outcome of the game. I assume that family counselors, emergency rooms, and divorce lawyers see business skyrocket when the Cowboys lose on Thanksgiving.

Sometimes even the most innocent remark can spoil the whole weekend. From past years, I hear the voice of a 7-year-old child. “Mom,” the voice says. “After the Cowboys lost, Dad was in the kitchen and he said the f-word and Grandma heard him.” Mom issues Dad a look of, to be charitable, profound dismay. Unkind remarks ensue, and by the conclusion of the evening, Dad could show Tiger Woods a thing or two about a hard luck Thanksgiving … all because Dallas chose to lose.

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Leading Off (11/25/2014)

Locals Gather to Protest Ferguson Grand Jury Decision. After the no-bill announcement last night in Missouri, a small group showed up at the Dallas Police Department with signs. Most of people in this video seem to be having a pretty good time. Certainly a better time than the people in these incredibly dramatic photos. There’s another local protest scheduled for tonight.

Rough Week for Local Police. Unrelated to that last item, it has not been a great stretch for local law enforcement. Three Dallas Police officers were fired, and one was charged with excessive force for an incident involving a panhandler. And the Arlington Police Department is investigating how accident reports were leaked to lawyers and injury clinics.

Four Earthquakes in Three Days. All in Irving. The latest one, a 2.2, hit last night around 11:45 p.m. (Insert awkward comment about how we all know this is fracking-related, but because that industry is so profitable and powerful, nothing will change anytime soon–unless maybe it gets worse.)

Mavs Lose Ugly. At home, to the 6-8 Indiana Pacers. Final score: 111-100. Despite having served his four game suspension for last season’s gun charges, Raymond Felton was inactive.

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Leading Off (11/14/14)

Feds Auditing DA’s Use of Forfeiture Funds. Craig Watkins may be on his way out, after suffering a defeat in last week’s election, but he’s still facing a federal investigation. Authorities stopped sending forfeiture money to the DA’s office in August after an auditor had a call with Watkins. “It was a contentious phone call during election season in which Mr. Watkins believed the inquiry was being driven by his opponent,” said Dallas County prosecutor Lincoln Monroe. “Craig thought it was a setup. It was not a good conversation that Craig had.” He added that the federal audit was prompted by a mix-up that will soon be rectified.

Frisco Homeowners Want Power Lines Buried. Brazos Electric is proposing a 2- to 4-mile stretch of overhead lines to increase capacity in the fast-growing city, but neighborhood residents are concerned about the impact on their home values. They want the lines placed underground, which Brazos says would cost $31.5 million, compared to $3.5 million for putting them overhead. Brazos plans to apply to the Public Utility Commission for its expansion in December, and the city and a homeowners’ group plan to challenge it.

Felony Lane Gang Strikes Again. Coppell police are looking into whether an organized group of professional thieves is responsible for a series of smash-and-grab car break-ins. The gang is known for cashing victims’ checks in the outside teller lane at various banks — which I guess is the “felony lane?”

Clayton Kershaw Hogging Baseball Awards. After winning his third Cy Young Award as the National League’s best pitcher on Wednesday, the Highland Park High School graduate and Los Angeles Dodgers hurler received Most Valuable Player honors on Thursday. He’s the first NL pitcher to take the MVP since 1968.

Mavs Score Most Lopsided Win in Team History. Dallas got off to a 45-10 lead in the first 15 minutes against the Philadelphia 76ers and finished with a 123-70 win. It’s their largest margin of victory ever.

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