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A Blow to the Dallas Garment Business, Ctd.

A FrontBurnervian who read last week’s post about Dallas-based fashion company Foremost moving its manufacturing to Los Angeles wrote in to encourage us not to retract our June 2015 D Magazine story (as I’d jokingly suggested we might) that had given Foremost positive press for its decision to make its clothes in Dallas in the first place.

She’d previously launched (and parted ways with) her own clothing line produced here and wanted to emphasize that the skills to make great garments still exist in our city:

They all have an incredible knowledge base and worked on large-scale accounts and for big designers (at the time) and the sewing rooms off Harry Hines that existed 40-50 years ago produced many, many well-known ready-to-wear lines. In addition to manufacturing, everything was sourced out of here — fabric, buttons, zippers, labeling, etc. The people the article referenced are the same people I’d met — they were the ones in management then and lost their jobs when companies like Haggar and JCPenney went to manufacturing overseas. Those people are now in their 60s and 70s trying to do their own things, but not for big names or fancy accounts. An incredibly talented patternmaker does work out of her garage studio at her house near White Rock. Items are still very much made in darkened, hot backrooms off Harry Hines by talented people who can cut and sew, but the items they make are sheets, camera straps and garments that don’t require costly skills to produce things like tricky pockets and zippers …

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A Blow to the ‘Made in Dallas’ Garment Business

D CEO managing editor Danielle Abril reported last night that Dallas-based clothing line Foremost is moving its manufacturing to Los Angeles. You might remember that just last June, in the pages of D Magazine, Foremost founder (and twotime EarBurner podcast guest) Matt Alexander was featured in an article highlighting a small-scale renaissance of garment production in the Design District:

Alexander’s idea for Need came to him during a pub chat in London, and Foremost was only an inkling until a visitor to his Dallas office said that he was planning to manufacture men’s pocket squares here. “I knew there was a pressing demand for affordable men’s and women’s clothing, but I had thought that we’d have to produce maybe 3,000 copies of each garment and go to Atlanta or L.A.,” he says. “When I learned that garments were still being made in Dallas, I asked him, ‘Can they do 100 of these?’ It all kind of came together then.” 

Matt Alexander’s discovery that the city’s decimated and nearly invisible garment trade still had capacity held out the promise that he could make money if he could find the people who still make not plans, but things. He found a world populated by scarred and aging veterans of the industry and by the rank young upstarts who have moved into its ruins.

So apparently the veterans and the upstarts couldn’t produce cheaply enough to keep Foremost a going venture. Do we need to retract our article?

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The 10 Most Popular D Magazine Lists of 2015

You love them even when you love to hate them. Yes, lists — the best this or that or some other thingamajigs — are popular among our online audience, and it’s hard to imagine there ever being a time when that won’t be the case.

Here were the most popular “best” lists on during the past year:

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Week 4 of Voting for Dallas’ 10 Most Beautiful Starts Today

As we enter the fourth week of voting for Dallas’ 10 Most Beautiful, you’ve met 15 lovely and talented women. This week, we introduce you to the final five semifinalists. These 20 women were selected as semifinalists after more than 400 nominations for this year’s contest. Now, we need you to choose Dallas’ 10 Most Beautiful!

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A Concise Review of Last Night’s Best of Big D Party

If you joined us last night at the Bomb Factory for the Best of Big D party, you’re probably moving a little slowly this morning. Get some coffee. Have a Dirty Dusty at lunch. You’ll be okay.

If you didn’t join us, you’re probably wondering how it went. To satisfy your curiosity, I offer you the above picture of Brendan Higgins, former CBS Channel 11 morning anchor. As everyone knows, the severity of a thunderstorm can be judged by ABC Channel 8 weatherman Pete Delkus’ shirtsleeves. The higher up his arms he rolls them, the worse the weather will get. A similar phenomenon occurs with Higgins’ clothes. The lower he unbuttons his shirt, the better the party. Last night, as you can see, was a three-button party.

Thanks to everyone at D Magazine and the Bomb Factory who made it happen. And thanks to our sponsors, too: Ben E. Keith, See’s Candies, Pinstack Bowl, and Topo Chico. Congrats to all the Best of Big D winners. Let’s do it again next year.

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New Podcast: Need’s Matt Alexander on Men’s Fashion and His Brief Pro Rollerblading Career

On Thursday, Matt Alexander, whom D CEO called one of the “New Faces of Dallas Tech” in its January-February issue, stopped by the Old Monk to talk about his online fashion ventures and to berate American youth for their lack of proper knowledge of English soccer. Alexander is an SMU grad who grew up in London, but he’s also an American citizen, so Zac decided to put that citizenship to the test. Listen to find out how.

First, a few notes on the episode:

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Best of the Best Lists: 2014 Year in Review

It’s the time of year again when we take a look back at what most tickled the fancies of our readers, and in the case of our content the answer is “best” lists. Magazines are often criticized for being list-centric, but you know why so many magazines lean that way? Because people like to look at lists. Even if it’s just because they want to view our selections and tell us we don’t know what the hell we’re talking about, readers continue to come back for more.

These were the most popular listicles on our website in 2014:

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Brett Shipp Still Looks Good in His Oakleys

We first took note of Brett Shipp’s penchant for reporting from behind his sunglasses in 2011, when we saw the delightful video of John Wiley Price shoving the Channel 8 newsman. We’ve brought up his eyewear a few times since. Last night he was at it again, this time wearing his Oakleys while knocking on someone’s door who didn’t want to talk to him. I am posting this screen grab because the Oakleys situation is important, and you need to be aware of it.

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Controversy for Karl Lagerfeld over Chanel Headdresses in Dallas?

We’ve been down this road before. Victoria’s Secret sends a model down the runway in a headdress. Outrage, apologies, revisions to the national telecast. H&M sells hipster headdress. Outrage, apologies, items removed. Nicole Richie wears headdress, posts photo on Instagram. Outrage. Karl Lagerfeld sends models down the runway in headdresses for the finale of Chanel’s Metiers d’Art fashion show in Dallas Tuesday night. Cue outrage? Not really. In Dallas itself, not only has there been no outrage, but there’s also been little to no discussion. FD Luxe’s recap didn’t mention them, nothing from Paper City either, and we did but didn’t delve too deep. Nationally, there’s been buzz. Huffington PostNew York, etc. Were we all just too grateful that the fashion show of fashion shows had graced our fair city with its presence? I sure hope not.

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