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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Nov. 25

The Texas Theatre will premiere the documentary, Pulp: A Film about Life, Death, and Supermarkets. That covers the life and times of the British bad Pulp, who were absolutely huge overseas, but quite a big deal here as well. You may have heard the oft-played “Common People” piping out of your favorite drinking establishment a time or two in Dallas.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Nov. 20

NBC’s Last Comic Standing disappeared for four years, and that’s definitely long enough that it may be hard to win back the public’s attention. They’ll be doing their best tonight at the Winspear, and I believe these are the finalists so hopefully the wheat’s been separated from the chaff and so on. If you’re looking […]

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Nov. 13

Judging from the last DGDG production I attended, Dirty Filthy Diamonds at the Margo Jones Theatre, I am very much looking forward to what the troupe has in store. They have a defiant yet controlled recklessness that’s simultaneously visceral and playful. This should prove very interesting in such literally lofty confines, as opposed to a historic theater in Fair Park.

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Alex From Target Gets the New York Times Treatment

The story of Alex from Target (from Frisco) is now a story about us looking at ourselves looking at ourselves looking at beautiful, polite people. When he left for work that morning, he had a little more than 100 followers on Twitter. Now he has around 733,000.

“To say Alex is ‘a sweet kid,’ as his parents describe him, is an understatement. He’s shy and exceedingly polite. He often chuckles to himself after speaking. While he answered most of my questions with short and sheepish replies, when I asked him about his girlfriend, Lindsey, he lit up, telling me that they met in chemistry class after sitting next to each other for a lab assignment.”

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Nov. 11

Holiday programming of an entirely different nature is already underway around town, and that’s likely to be true for the next 8 weeks or so. A high-profile ode to seasonal music will take place at the Meyerson this evening, as modern yet traditionalist jazz icon Wynton Marsalis leads the celebrated Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra through a set of holiday classics.

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