Morning News Stories on DISD’s Overpaid Real Estate Broker Were Top-Notch

I give Dallas’ Only Daily a lot of grief in this space for its education coverage, so I think in the spirit of fair play I should single it out for praise: This week’s stories (first on here, second here) on the goofy real estate deals — wherein a real estate broker was paid an exorbitantly high commission of 9 percent — were great watchdog-y stuff.

The lead from the follow-up story neatly sums up what was at issue here:

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Some Dallas ISD Trustees Want Briefings To Start Earlier, Take Less Time

The briefings used to start at 11:30 a.m. They took, on average, 7 hours. Lately, they’ve started at 4 p.m. — a switch made to better accommodate the trustees’ work days and to encourage more public participation — and have taken around six hours.

But Lew Blackburn and Bernadette Nutall want to go back to the earlier start time. It’s a long day for DISD staff who get there at 8 a.m., and also they are tired of finishing up at 10 p.m.

Board President Eric Cowan wants to stick with the later time, and also believes they can wrap up the whole thing in three to four hours, as other districts do.

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The SAGA Pod 4.1: Jim Schutze on DISD, and ‘NY pinhead’ Mark Lamster on tearing out a downtown highway

This week, the SAGA Pod gets some new artwork (although when iTunes will switch it, who knows?), a new microphone (which I’m still getting used to; you can tell when I look away to check the Internet while talking), and the same ol’ stammering host you know and love. First, Jim Schutze talks about his […]

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Did Don Williams Hire Lisa Blue to Represent a DISD Board Candidate? UNSURE.

So the District 8 DISD school board race (the vote is tomorrow) is between a pro-Miles candidate, Miguel Solis, and an anti-Miles candidate, Kristi Lara. This is important because there are currently four anti-Miles votes on what will be a nine-person board. (If you think that school board member Elizabeth Jones is pro-Miles just because […]

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Dallas ISD District 8 Candidate Kristi Lara Accused of Campaign Violation

With just over a week to go before the DISD board special election, the campaign between Miguel Solis and Kristi Lara is heating up. Last week, Lara challenged the residency of Solis. (Clearly bulsh, but a solid campaign tactic.) Then, late Friday evening, John Loza, the campaign treasurer for Solis, filed a complaint with the […]

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Leading Off (10/25/13)

School Board Strips Super of Investigation Oversight. As they’d proposed previously, Dallas ISD trustees on Thursday took the Office of Professional Responsibility, which investigates fraud or wrongdoing in the district, out from under the control of superintendent Mike Miles. OPR will merge with the district’s other investigative unit, the Office of Internal Audit, and report directly […]

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Leading Off (10/11/13)

Dallas ISD Board May Strip Powers From Mike Miles. On Thursday, trustees discussed the prospect of moving the district’s investigative unit under their control rather than the superintendent’s and creating a policy that requires top administrators to cooperate with investigations. The recent report on Miles’ conduct by Paul Coggins  found that he hadn’t violated district policy […]

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Anonymous Group Of Terrible Writers and Fear Mongers Send Out Anti-Mike Miles Mailers

The board is deciding at a meeting today at 5:30 whether it will take disciplinary action against Miles, officially now known as Embattled Superintendent Mike Miles. Adding to his recent run of nothing but good times, late last week an anonymous group sent out postcards in the most Miles-neutral districts. The front of the two-sided […]

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