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Texans Don’t Want to Leave

Yesterday Gallup published a poll (see the map above) of the percentages of people in each of the United States who have a desire to move from their state. Texas was on the lowest end of the spectrum, with only 24 percent of us wanting to get out. Only Montana, Hawaii, and Maine (23 percent each) residents like where they are more.

It’s not surprising to see how many Texans are satisfied with their situation. With our relatively strong economy, relatively low cost of living, and our ridiculous sense of self-worth and belief in the exceptional nature of the Land of Friends, it’s to be expected.

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The 35 Richest Neighborhoods in Dallas-Fort Worth

The little town of Westlake, north of Fort Worth, boasts the highest average annual household income ($526,590) among all North Texas neighborhoods. That’s good enough for 12th richest in the nation based on an analysis by geographer Stephen Higley who’s ranked the top 1,000 based on 2006-2010 Census Bureau data.

The very top of the list is occupied by ritzy suburbs of New York, D.C., Miami, and Los Angeles. Only Chicago has an inner-city neighborhood in the 10 richest. “The Golden Triangle” of Greenwich, Conn., outdoes everybody with a mean household income of $614,242.

Here’s the entire list of the 35 Dallas-Fort Worth neighborhoods that appear in the Higley 1,000:

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The Guardian Investigates Fracking in Ponder

The United Kingdom is having its own debate about the costs and benefits of allowing natural gas drilling via hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking), so the Guardian newspaper came to the tiny Denton County community of Ponder to see what life next to gas wells is like.

Their story, and the accompanying video, paints a nightmare scenario:

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Leading Off (10/21/13)

Death Threats and Support in Texas. Lots of good Ted Cruz reading/watching here. Death threats. Texas support. Texas tour. And CNN’s interesting interview with the Republican Senator that aired Sunday. It discusses his “rock star” status in Texas, his reputation in Washington, his fascination with social media, and just who he believes is at fault […]

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Dallas and Houston Won the Recession. But Will We Ever Overtake New York and Los Angeles?

The Atlantic made itself a bar graph showing that between 2009 and 2012 (years of economic recovery from the Great Recession), Dallas and our often-moist neighbors to the south outpaced the rest of the 10 biggest metropolitan areas in the United States in terms of GDP growth. DFW’s economy grew 19.1% while Houston’s gain was […]

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Dallas, Capital of the Great Plains

Forbes has got some more link bait for us in its new issue. Joel Kotkin draws a fun little map of the United States of America as it truly is. Not one nation under God, but “seven nations and three quasi-independent city-states, each with its own tastes, proclivities, resources and problems.” Dallas is declared the capital […]

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Dallas Fed: Texas Weathered the Housing Crisis Well Because of Its Stringent Regulations

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas yesterday released the conclusions of a study by two of its economists into the secrets of Texas’ relative success in weathering the housing crisis that precipitated the Great Recession. They focused on something that isn’t normally associated with our state: strong government regulations. Specifically, Texas is the only state […]

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Gov. Rick Perry Will Be Missed

By Bloomberg Businessweek, anyway. The magazine praises Perry, who won’t seek re-election next year, for his business recruitment skills, helping to convince companies like Google, Apple, Toyota, GM, and others to set up operations in Texas. Perry admits he started out as a terrible pitchman. In 2001, Boeing (BA) announced it would move its Seattle headquarters and […]

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Applications for D Academy Are Due Monday

Last year, we started something really great at D. It’s called D Academy. It’s a leadership program for smart, passionate people who give a damn about Dallas. We meet once a month in various venues around the city. We bring in speakers who are pertinent to that day’s topic. And then we take all this […]

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Dallas Federal Reserve’s Fisher: We Still Need to Make Banks Less Important

Earlier this week, Richard Fisher, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, told Congress that the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act perpetuates the too-big-to-fail status of the country’s largest banks. Which is unfortunate because better securing our financial system against the sort of collapses we saw in 2008 was precisely what Dodd-Frank was intentioned to do. […]

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Federal Reserve Says Economy in Dallas District Strong, Rest of U.S. Sees Only Modest Gains

The Fed’s latest Beige Book business survey, which takes the pulse of economic activity across each of the nation’s Federal Reserve Districts, came out yesterday afternoon. It declared that that the U.S. economy as a whole has seen “modest to moderate” gains, except in one district. That outlier is the 11th District, home to the […]

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