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Making Dallas Even Better

Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Menu For Cafe 43, the Restaurant at the Bush Presidential Center

Yesterday, news came that the restaurant at the George W. Bush Presidential Center would be named Cafe 43, in honor of Bush’s presidential lineage. The restaurant will open May 1, and will be open to the public, not just ticket-holding center-goers. “That’s what Mrs. Bush wants,” George W. Bush Foundation president Mark Langdale told the […]

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Gordon Keith Goes Paycheck Peeking

The Ticket’s own Gordon Keith has an op-ed today in the Morning News (paywall) about the annual “What People Earn” issue of Parade and about our desire to know what our friends and neighbors and favorite quarterbacks make. Gordon leads his story with an anecdote involving me, Eric Celeste, and Adam McGill. Careful readers will […]

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You Boozehounds May Soon Be Able to Drink Wine All Over Rangers Ballpark

Since last season, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has allowed Rangers Ballpark at Arlington sell wine, but only in specific parts of the park. Your seat’s in the upper deck? Kick rocks, wino, and drink at home. Now Rangers officials are trying to change all that. From the “Needlessly Complicated” file: “You can buy beer at […]

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Leading Off (3/4/13)

Dallas Police Chief Fires Officers Who Allegedly Planted Drugs During Investigation: Chief David Brown had a busy Friday, firing two officers who are now charged with fabricated and/or tampering with physical evidence and aggravated perjury related to a 2011 drug investigation. The chief also suspended or fired additional officers for drinking and driving, getting into […]

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Programming Note: Artist Richard Patterson Unveils Rare Video Work at Texas Theater Tonight!

You may know the name of British artist Richard Patterson for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you were enthralled with his defense of the opening ceremonies of last summer’s London Games. Perhaps you’ve read his musings on FrontRow. Maybe you caught his exhibition at the Goss-Michael Foundation in 2009. More than likely, though, you know […]

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Sherman Viewers Got an Eyeful of Will Ferrell During Last Night’s Super Bowl

For the second year in a row, Will Ferrell has produced a Super Bowl ad for Old Milwaukee beer. And for the second year in a row, only a sliver of worldwide viewers saw the ad. Last year, it was only folks in the North Platte, Neb. TV market. This year it included parts of Oklahoma, Texas, […]

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