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Making Dallas Even Better

The 10 Most Popular D Magazine Blog Posts of 2012

Can you imagine where you’d be today without blogs? Sure, you might be 5 or 10% more productive at work, but then the world would have been denied that brilliant double entendre you got into a comment on the latest FrontBurner post about the will-they-or-won’t-they, passive-aggressive fight between the Nasher Sculpture Center and Museum Tower. […]

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Denton Considers Smoking Ban

Back in September, the Denton City Council sent its proposed smoking ban to committee, eliciting the opinions and remarks of 20 health-care professionals, business owners and other community members. The goal was to craft laws that were both health-conscious and business-friendly. What they came back with was a strange package that bans smoking nearly everywhere, […]

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Texas’ State Fruit — the Grapefruit — Is Under Fire

When I first moved to Texas two years ago, I ate so much grapefruit that my now-wife had to force me to stop. I was getting sick, but I couldn’t get over how cheap the fruits were (four for $1 last week at Sprouts). Even the grapefruit juice was cheap, defying all of Ocean Spray’s supply-chain […]

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Should We Shoot, Sell, and Eat Dallas’ Feral Hogs?

According to Jackson Landers, author of Eating Aliens: One Man’s Adventures Hunting Invasive Animal Species, YES. From a recent interview with There are so many people right now who have meat-eater’s remorse – people who eat meat and feel kind of bad about it, but they’re not actually going to stop. Or they’re vegetarians […]

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