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Should We Shoot, Sell, and Eat Dallas’ Feral Hogs?

According to Jackson Landers, author of Eating Aliens: One Man’s Adventures Hunting Invasive Animal Species, YES. From a recent interview with There are so many people right now who have meat-eater’s remorse – people who eat meat and feel kind of bad about it, but they’re not actually going to stop. Or they’re vegetarians […]

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See Raya Ramsey Talk About D Magazine Valentine’s Picks While Seated Next to Lingerie

As noted previously, ShopTalk‘s Raya Ramsey was on the telly early this morning. WFAA Daybreak host Ron Corning got too caught up in his personal anecdote about the blue cheese chocolate at Dude, Sweet Chocolate and ran out of time to ask Raya about where she got the lingerie that she’s seated next to during […]

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