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Making Dallas Even Better

Six Degrees of Shia LaBeouf

I once took a creative writing class at The Ohio State University with Dorothy Allison, the award-winning author of Bastard Out of Carolina. Erica Beeney was in the class.

Erica Beeney had just written the screenplay for The Battle of Shaker Heights, which ended up winning the first season of Project Greenlight in 2003.

Shia LaBeouf’s first film role was in The Battle of Shaker Heights.

I grew up two hours from Shaker Heights and, I believe, spent the night there once with a college friend after an all-night excursion to a Cleveland jazz club. It’s hazy.

Shia LaBeouf ate an elote at Fuel City Mesquite last week.

I love elotes. And Fuel City.

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Dean and DeLuca Invitational Report: The D-FW Rivalry

It couldn’t have worked out any better for North Texas golf fans. In the final pairing today at the Dean and DeLuca Invitational, Dallas native and Texas Longhorn Jordan Spieth (-12) will tee off against Ryan Palmer (-11), an Aggie, Colonial member, and Fort Worth favorite.

Spieth, who has played a lot of golf with Palmer as friends, tried to downplay the drama last night. “Let’s not create any rivalries,” he said. “Let’s not create anything that shouldn’t be there. It’s not just us,” meaning anyone can come from behind to win.

That’s especially true at the Colonial; each of the past seven winners have come from behind to win.

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What We Saw at Last Night’s Real Housewives of Dallas Premiere

The elegant lighting and soft R&B set a glamorous scene for “The Real Housewives of Dallas” premiere last night at the Chandelier Room. While the press tested their microphones and asked “what’s that one’s name again?” to one another, I took a lap around the venue.

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Leading Off (3/8/16)

Prepare For Possible Severe Weather in Dallas. Yesterday, the heavy rain stayed north and west of Dallas and Fort Worth, but forecasters say damaging winds, large hail, flooding, and potential for tornadoes could roll in today. Stay safe (and park in a garage if you can).

Murdered Rowlett Mother Case May Have A Second Person of Interest. A 37-year-old Rowlett mother, Laura Grillo, was killed inside her home last November, and police have been investigating three people in connection to the murder. One of them, Jesus Trevino, has possibly fled to Mexico, and James Villeda was announced as the second person of interest Monday. Both men are convicted sex offenders and worked for Grillo and her fiancé.

Dallas Zoo Asks Court To Dismiss Suit That Would Prevent African Elephants’ Arrival. The nonprofit animal-rights group Friends of Animals wants to prevent the Dallas Zoo and two others from bringing 18 elephants from a drought-stricken part of Africa to join their ranks. The zoo is arguing to the court that Friends of Animals is taking advantage of the federal court system in pursuit of its own agenda instead of protecting legal sanctity. It’s silly, if you ask me. Hand over the elephants already.

Greg Hardy Probably Won’t Return to The Cowboys. And that makes me happy.

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Remembering David Bowie’s 1983 Las Colinas Sessions With Stevie Ray Vaughan

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around a world without David Bowie. The innovator, the legend, the icon — a man who belongs on a short list of the most important artists of the late-20th century — passed away from cancer last night at the age of 69. Amidst the many obituaries and tributes that are surely to come pouring out over the coming days and weeks, I thought I’d pass along 90 minutes of bootleg Bowie recorded at the Las Colinas Studios on April 27, 1983.

Let’s set the stage:

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American Sniper Widow Taya Kyle Sells Guns on Fox News

Yesterday Fox News aired this segment with Taya Kyle, widow of ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle, about a friendly shooting competition/charity event held over the weekend between herself (a novice shooter) and the NRA world champion.

Would it surprise you to learn that Kyle won? Would it surprise you to learn that she won because she was using a TrackingPoint Precision Guided Firearm, which, in the words of the “journalist” interviewing her, “give novices, as well as professionals, a lot of advantages.”

(H/T Bud Kennedy)

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Linda Ellerbee, Whose Career Launched After AP Dallas Night Desk Snafu, To Retire

Linda Ellerbee has announced her retirement. The veteran newswoman was a model for the title character in the TV sit-com Murphy Brown, wrote a best-selling book about her career in television, and left the news biz to find success in a second career at Nickelodeon, where she ran the Emmy Award-winning youth news program Nick News for 25 years. She was one of the first prominent women in the TV news business — a trailblazer, a pioneer, a visionary. And it all might not have happened for Ellerbee had she not made a major rookie mistake while working the night desk at the Associated Press in Dallas in the early 1970s:

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Lamar Odom Found Unconscious in Nevada Brothel

One-time Maverick Lamar Odom had a rocky time during his stint in Dallas, which is more memorable for the Kardashian sideshow it produced than anything that happened on the basketball court. Things didn’t get much better for Odom after he left town. He returned to the LA, played a season with the Clippers, and then crashed out of the NBA. Late in 2013, Chloe Kardashian filed for divorce. The divorce was finalized in July of this year.

That should have been rock bottom for Odom, but things have taken a turn for the worse. Yesterday, the former NBA star was discovered unconscious in a Nevada brothel. He remains in critical condition at a hospital in Las Vegas.

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Michael Keaton Reads SUCCESS Magazine

Perhaps you’ve heard of SUCCESS. Perhaps not. It’s a monthly based in Lake Dallas that positions itself as “the only magazine that focuses on people who take full responsibility for their own development and income.” Well, last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Michael Keaton was being his highly entertaining self, spinning tales about Jack Nicholson, when he stopped down briefly to tell Kimmel that he really enjoyed the profile of him he’d read in SUCCESS. I bring all this to your attention because I knew you’d appreciate it.

Jones Boys Maybe Need To Sit Out a Few Plays

Jerral Jones and his son Stephen are having quite a week. First embarrassing pictures of Jerry taken five years surface. Lesson No. 1: if you’re going to party with strippers, ban all photography. Just to be safe, ban courtroom sketching, too. Then Stephen is caught on video using one of the Cowboys buses to make a beer run, only instead of beer, he picked up a bunch of navel-baring club strumpets. Lesson No. 2: if you’re going on a strumpet run, have the bus pull around back for load in. Gene (Jerry’s wife), Charlotte (Jerry’s daughter), and Karen (Stephen’s wife) must be none too pleased with their men. Here’s the thing about that Cowboys bus:

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