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Making Dallas Even Better

Meet the Trainer Behind Golf Phenom Jordan Spieth

At last week’s AT&T Byron Nelson tournament, I had a chance to talk with Damon Goddard, shortly after he held workout sessions with two of his clients, PGA golfers Jordan Spieth and Kelly Kraft. Goddard has been in the sports performance business for 18 years. He began working out with a few PGA pros about 10 years ago and saw a need to help more players incorporate strength and conditioning into their golf game.

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Labor Secretary Lauds Southwest Airlines For Fair Compensation

U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez praised Southwest Airlines today for the way it compensates some of its workers. Addressing a national conference of business journalists in greater Washington, D.C., Perez said the decline of “union density” over the years had led to lower wages and contributed to income inequality. Today “there’s no leverage to […]

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AT&T Expands Gigabit Speeds to Business Customers

AT&T has increased its speeds with its business fiber service. The offering now gives Dallas businesses upload speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second. The speeds allow businesses to download 8,000 word processing documents in 1 second, download a two-hour high definition video in 36 seconds, and backup or restore a 1 terabyte hard drive in two and half hours.

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AT&T’s Q1: Highlights From the Latest Earnings Call

AT&T Inc. beat analysts estimates during its first quarter, when it also experienced a rise in revenue due to the DirecTV acquisition. The quarter represented the fourth straight quarter of double digit growth for adjusted earnings per share. During the earnings call, the company announced video streaming services, updated investors on DirecTV cost efficiencies and progress in Mexico, and discussed its transition to becoming a software-defined network.

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Author: Glass Ceiling Won’t Shatter Until Men are Caregivers, Too

Former U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, a Texas Republican, is a big fan of Anne-Marie Slaughter, who’s written a new book about attaining “true equality” between women and men, including in the workplace. The author “has given us a blueprint for the future in which women truly have freedom to choose,” Hutchison wrote in a […]

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Troy Aikman Dissolving His Foundation, Moving $1M Into Donor-Advised Fund at United Way

Editor’s note: At the request of the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, the following information was to be “embargoed” to media outlets today until 7 p.m. However, once Cheryl Hall of The Dallas Morning News posted a story (tagged “Exclusive”) containing the information well before 7, we had no choice but to follow suit.    […]

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