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Making Dallas Even Better

A Curious Art Sale Puts DMA Bequest Back in the Spotlight

Art watcher Greg Allen noticed an interesting sale at a recent Christie’s auction of postwar and contemporary art. Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s Untitled (L.A.), 1991 sold for a record-setting $7.7 million. If you have been to the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth at any point in the last few years, you probably know the work. It consists of 50 pounds of candies laid out on the floor. Part of the fun of the piece is that visitors are invited to take pieces of candy. It’s art you can touch and eat, and as a result the piece itself is static and ephemeral. The record price was, in part, an acknowledgement that it is an important work by an important artist, whose career was cut short by AIDS in 1996.

Even though Untitled (L.A.) was on view in Fort Worth for so many years, it was on loan from the Rachofsky collection. It’s that provenance that Allen finds curious.

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All Clichés Are Bigger in Texas Award Nominee: The Day We’ve Long Dreaded Is Here

Bravo made it official this afternoon:

But there’s even more Housewives to enjoy in 2016! Stay tuned for details on The Real Housewives of Dallas, which will debut later next year. And, yes, the series will certainly confirm that everything — including the drama — is bigger in Texas.

God help us all.

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Is Dallas Better — Or Worse — Off For the Death of Art Prize?

Word went out yesterday to donors and stakeholders of ArtPrize Dallas that the much-touted art festival will not be coming to Dallas after all. The Grand Rapids-based art event has been exploring expansion into Dallas for about a year, an effort spearheaded locally by former Goss-Michael Foundation associate director Ariel Saldivar. In her rather lengthy letter to supporters, Saldivar accuses Dallas and its philanthropic community of not being ready for an event like ArtPrize.

“Despite the visionary understanding of our supporters, there were a few who saw the concept as threatening to the status quo,” Saldivar wrote. “The resistance was especially disappointing since ArtPrize Dallas would have had a tremendous, positive economic impact. Never the less, we made tremendous progress in this effort, and we truly believe that one day our city will be ready for such an inclusive and unique undertaking, but unfortunately, today is not that day.”

It hasn’t been the best week for ArtPrize.

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Truth Opens in Dallas Today. Listen to Mary Mapes and Dan Rather on EarBurner Before Going

Truth, the new film about the controversy over documents purporting to disclose how President George W. Bush didn’t live up to his National Guard duties during the Vietnam War, finally opens in Dallas today.

Before heading to the theatre, read our November D Magazine story profiling Mary Mapes, the Dallas-based TV news producer involved in what has become known as “Rathergate.” And listen to appearances by Mapes and longtime CBS anchor Dan Rather on our podcast, EarBurner.

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Sandra Bullock Wants Ross Perot to ‘Explain a Few Things’

Because she’s starring in a new movie as a paid political consultant, Vanity Fair asked actress Sandra Bullock what political candidates she finds fascinating:

Bullock was ready with a surprising answer: Ross Perot. Not that she’s necessarily into his politics—Bullock says she doesn’t like the word “politics” and prefers “government”—but that, with his pie charts and his insistence on laying bare the American political system, he was more compelling than your average politician. And also a little mysterious. “I want Ross Perot to come back and explain a few things,” Bullock said. “Because I’m a touch confused.”

Somebody alert Perot to fire up the graph maker. And get Larry King too.

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Podcast: Former 60 Minutes Producer Mary Mapes on Truth, the Movie About Her CBS Firing

This Friday, Truth, a movie about the controversy at CBS News over a 2004 report on President George W. Bush’s National Guard service during the Vietnam War, opens. Dan Rather touched on the subject, which led to his departure from the network, back on D Magazine‘s EarBurner podcast back in August.

Last week, Rather’s Dallas-based producer on the story, Mary Mapes, stopped by the Old Monk to share her own thoughts about the film. Give it a listen. But first, a few notes:

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‘It’s Friday. Where the Heck Is This Week’s Podcast, You Clowns?’

You do realize that you get EarBurner for free every week, right? We do it out of the goodness of our hearts and because we love you. And this is the thanks we get? Geeze. You people.

Okay, listen. Our November issue (not yet online) features a profile of Mary Mapes written by Mike Mooney. Mary was a producer on 60 Minutes when that whole Memogate thing blew up in 2004. Now a new movie about that period of her life is out. It’s called Truth, and it stars Robert Redford as Dan Rather and Cate Blanchett as Mary. She stopped by the Old Monk yesterday to talk about how surreal it is to see Blanchett living Mary’s life on-screen. She also had some smart things to say about Craig Watkins’ political career and Ahmed Mohamed’s move to Qatar. It was a great conversation. But you’ll have to wait till Monday to hear it. Sony Pictures, the studio behind Truth, asked that we hold the episode a bit because the movie won’t be released in Dallas till October 30. So just be patient, people. If your ears need filling, go listen to that new Wilco album. Zac says it’s good.

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Parsing the Aldredge House Controversy

I keep trying to ignore the Aldredge House controversy, because I guess I keep thinking it will just go away. In addition, people whose opinions I like and respect have come down on opposing sides of the issue.

As I understand it, the deal is that the Dallas County Medical Society Alliance, a fairly well-heeled group of individuals, owns a fantastic, well-preserved old house on Swiss Avenue. To support its mission, the Society has turned day-to-day management of the space over to a special events company, which makes it available for weddings, parties, etc., much to the chagrin of surrounding neighbors.

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Podcast: Foot Cardigan’s Bryan DeLuca on His Shark Tank Appearance

Sock-of-the-month club operator Bryan DeLuca of Foot Cardigan returned (he previously appeared on EarBurner in June) to the Old Monk this week to talk about what it was like to appear in his underwear on national television for a recent episode of Shark Tank.

I’ll give you three guesses how many pairs of underwear he was wearing.

Please note:

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