Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Apr. 16

Our little pal to the north will be getting just a bit cooler this evening, as Denton celebrates the opening of its first dedicated food truck lot. Located just a block off of the square, the Austin St. Truck Stop will feature such healthy fare as The Waffle Wagon and the Dough Boys Pizza Truck. […]

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Series by Dallas’ Michael Lark Nominated For Eisner Award

Lazarus, an Image Comics series drawn by Dallas artist Michael Lark, has been nominated for an Eisner, which is the comic-book industry’s version of an Oscar.

Another Dallas connection: Although he doesn’t live here, the series’s writer — Greg Rucka — is repped by David Hale Smith.

The nomination was in the Best New Series category. Winners will be announced in July during Comic Con International in San Diego.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Apr. 15

If you’re one of the few people who didn’t post a grainy pic of last night’s red-tinted, dust-distorted, eclipse on one of your various social media platforms last night, thank you. Instagram was nearly ruined in a single evening. Although, I have to say, this pic snapped by metal DJ and painter Joey Seeman in […]

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Leading Off (4/14/14)

One Year Later, Full Scope of Injuries From West Explosion Remain Unknown. The Dallas Morning News reports that the official government survey doesn’t account for people who were treated at private medical facilities as well as those whose injuries (brain injuries, hearing loss, PTSD) developed after the blast. Now, as safety regulations are up for discussion, and lawsuits are working their way through the system, the county is working to conduct a more comprehensive study.

Jordan Spieth Finishes Second at Masters. The 20-year-old from North Texas gave Bubba Watson a solid run for the green jacket but ultimately fell just short, finishing second in Augusta. He would have been the youngest person to ever win the Masters. From a quick Google search (my golf knowledge is not up to par), it looks like should Spieth win next year, he’ll share that record with Tiger Woods.

John Wiley Price Still Under Investigation, Still No Charges Filed. But the DMN is reporting that court documents in the federal investigation show decades of incidents and suspect dealings, stretching all the way back to the mid-1970s. Price is being accused of, among other things, money laundering, influence-peddling, and bankruptcy fraud.

Margaret Crow Dies at 94. The wife of real estate developer Trammell Crow, Margaret Crow was a philanthropist and, as Jeanne Prejean writes, had the kind of life story that makes for great movies. The Trammell and Margaret Crow Collection of Asian Art opened in 1998 in the Arts District. She passed away Friday at her home.

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Conan O’Brien Plays Video Games on Jerry Jones’ Really-Big-Screen TV

Conan O’Brien may no longer be broadcasting his show from the Majestic Theatre downtown, but he’s not quite done sharing his adventures in Dallas. On Monday night — back in his usual Burbank, Calif., studio — he showed a second clip of the time he spent as a Johnson County deputy sheriff (and it’s funnier than any of the remote pieces aired last week in Dallas.)

And last night he finally found a grander purpose for the super-sized screen at Jerry World: during an edition of his recurring “Clueless Gamer” feature he settled down to play Madden football and several other games.

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Leading Off (4/7/14)

TxDOT Land Purchases Under Federal Investigation. This is what we know: In 2009, businessmen Kevin Bollman and Wade Blackburn started snatching up land the state would eventually need to widen I-35E in Denton County and make repairs in Dallas. They say they used public records in deciding where to buy. By 2011, the state was purchasing large swaths of the land, costing taxpayers millions. Now, the whole ordeal is under investigation.

Final Four Festivities Wrap Tonight. It’s been one heck of a weekend, no? The March Madness Music Festival finished off its three days of fun last night with a three-hour Bruce Springsteen show. The cold and rain kept the space from filling to capacity, but those who made it out were certainly rewarded. Tonight, Connecticut faces Kentucky (sigh) in the National Championship Game. And then, we can all set our sights on whether DFW will be home to the Final Four again in 2017.

Rain Pushes Duck Commander 500 to Today. For hours, attempts were made to get the track ready for the race, but it just wasn’t possible. The race is now scheduled for 11 a.m. today at the Texas Motor Speedway.

Country Music Awards Headed Here in 2015. In more big event news, Jerry Jones is bringing the awards show to AT&T Stadium next April. He was on hand for the announcement last night in Las Vegas.

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The Literalist Mind of George W. Bush, Artist

You get the sense from Jenna Bush Hager’s interview with her father, former Most Powerful Man in the World George W. Bush, this morning on the Today show that even his family would have been less surprised to see him have become a house painter in his retirement than an artist.

The occasion was the opening of a new exhibit featuring Bush’s portraits of world leaders at the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

I’ll leave the art criticism to our Peter Simek. What I found most revealing about Mr. Bush in this segment is one short exchange with Jenna about his portrait of Tony Blair:

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Conan O’Brien Says Goodbye to Dallas, or Dallas-Fort Worth, or North Texas

The best part of last night’s final Dallas episode of Conan O’Brien’s show was the return of the Walker, Texas Ranger lever. It was a great recurring feature on O’Brien’s old Late Night show on NBC, and his trip to Dallas spurred him to bring it out of retirement. If you haven’t seen it, it’s pretty simple: he has a lever that, each time he pulls it, plays another awesomely bad clip from the 1990s North Texas-made drama starring Chuck Norris.

The segment doesn’t seem to be posted online, probably because that would have involved paying more for the rights to the Walker clips. But it included an audience member (who will likely be insufferably full of himself for the rest of his life as a result) coming on stage to pull the lever once, plus an appearance by four Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

For the finale, Conan showed the most famous of all his Walker lever clips, which features Haley Joel Osment. It is real, and it is spectacular. You can see it for yourself on this old Late Night clip.

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