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Making Dallas Even Better

Meet Nelson, the Coolest Dog in Dallas

The first time I saw Nelson, it was from my apartment window. I saw his parents on the silver Vespa first. Then I saw the sidecar. And then I saw Nelson, the Goldendoodle, in the sidecar. It was one of the greatest sights I’ve ever seen. (I realize I need to get out more.)

The second time I saw Nelson, he was at Klyde Warren Park. His dad had just put his goggles on, and he had just been loaded into his sidecar. I ran over like a madwoman and asked if I could take a photo.

I love Nelson and his family, not just because they’re adorable, but because I’ve had a scooter for a year, and every day since I purchased the scooter, I’ve talked to my husband about getting a sidecar and putting our dogs in it. But here’s the thing: it would never work. I love my dogs, but they’re not incredibly smart. Instead of staying away from cars’ bumpers, they try to sniff them as we walk past. If they see a squirrel, they lose it. So I know my dogs could never, ever be as cool as Nelson. Which means I could never, ever be as cool as Nelson’s parents.

I wanted to know more about Nelson and his scooter-riding ways, so I called his mom, Genesis Lee. Below is a Q&A on how the whole thing got started and why Nelson is probably the best dog in Dallas (sorry, Miko and Maya).

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Leading Off (5/27/14)

Plano Bar Makes Domestic Violence Joke, Pays the Price. I’ve never been to Scruffy Duffies, but it sounds like they need an in-house editor for their chalkboard signs. Over the weekend, one of them read: “I like my beer like I like my violence — domestic.” You swap “violence” with “policy,” and I think we’ve got a joke everyone can enjoy. As it was written, though, the joke was about as offensive as you can get, and social media have taken the bar to task.

Author of Home-Rule Law Wonders If It Will Work in Dallas. In 1995, Texas Sen. Bill Ratliff wrote the state law that allows school districts to create home-rule charters. Now living in Mount Pleasant, he’s been watching as that law is being put to the test here for the first time. The News has an interesting Q&A with him.

Local Man Helps Local Geese. For more than a decade Charles Fussell has looked after the geese at White Rock Lake, using his own money to feed them and telling people that throwing bread to the animals is bad for them. Now you can help Fussell.

Primary Runoffs Are Today. Here’s your voter guide.

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Dallas Pets Alive! Pet of the Month (March 2014)

Have you read the recent news about scans that suggest previously unappreciated similarities between dog and human brains? It’s more evidence for why these domesticated creatures are our species’ best friends.

It’s as good an excuse as any to launch a new monthly series on FrontBurner from Dallas Pets Alive!, an animal rescue group run entirely by volunteers, with all of the pets housed by foster families throughout North Texas. You’ve maybe seen the organization’s #muttbombing campaign on Instagram, featured recently on HuffPoUSA Today or CNN?

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Survival of the Cutest: Meet the Furry Four

Anticipation around the world is escalating. Both the Olympics and Survival of the Cutest’s Furry Four round have been kicked off. (Only one contest can deliver the intense excitement of only four contenders.) Meet your four finalists and vote for your favorite. Cast a ballot today and tomorrow. We’ll tally the votes on Wednesday and introduce to you the final matchup on Thursday.

Get to voting.

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Survival of the Cutest: Meet the Adorable 8

hey may be cute and cuddly, but this contest is cutthroat. (Not really.) Half the contenders were slashed from the ballots. Only eight pups remain. Who is the cutest? You tell us. The Adorable 8 round is live. Take a look and cast your ballot for your favorites from each matchup once a day through Friday.

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Survival of the Cutest: Sweet 16 Round Starts Today

I do not envy the pet owners having to look their four-legged lovers loves in the eyes today and tell them they didn’t make it the the next round. Fortunately, it’s nothing a Greenie can’t fix. The contestants in the Sweet 16 round are now ready for your votes. Take a look and cast your […]

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Why Not Spend Your Final Work-Hour of the Week Watching a Cheetah Cub Play With a Puppy?

You’ll recall the sad news this week that one of the cheetah cubs at the Dallas Zoo, Kamau, died from a respiratory illness. His brother, Winspear, suffered the same sickness but is now recovering.

You can see how well he’s doing for yourself, thanks to this video the zoo just released of Winspear playing with his buddy Amani, a Labrador puppy. Here’s what the zoo had to say on its Facebook page:

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Southwest Airlines Needs to Quickly Take a Clearer Stand on the Blackfish Controversy

If you haven’t seen the documentary Blackfish, I highly encourage you to do so. It’s a look specifically at a bull orca, Tilikum, who has killed three people in 30 years of captivity, but more broadly it’s an investigation into the ethos of SeaWorld. It shows, in interviews with experts and former SeaWorld employees, how the company has ignored safety and animal-rights concerns for decades even as it has promoted itself as a place where families can learn more about these creatures in a (supposedly) safe and nurturing environment.

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Leading Off (12/16/13)

New Tolls on LBJ Freeway Open. More than 240,000 vehicles use LBJ daily. Now they’ll be contending with a new toll structure on the 3.2-mile stretch between Preston Road and Greenville Avenue. And they’ll pay for it. Depending on the time of day and traffic level, the price to use certain lanes will rise or fall. For now, it won’t cost more than $.95 to drive that section, but down the line, there won’t be a ceiling in place. In Virginia’s Fairfax County, an area with a similar system, drivers have paid nearly $10 to drive 14 miles.

Two Men Scoop Up Land Next to I-35E, Sell It to the City For a Pretty Penny. Business partners Kevin Bollman and Wade Blackburn are in the real estate business. More specifically, they’ve been buying land in areas where Texas is looking to widen I-35E. Then when the state comes calling, they sell. For, what we can assume, is a nice profit. They’ve been open about their method, too: use public information about the expansion project and buy along the highway corridor. Over five months in 2011, Denton County doled out more than $22.million to the duo. Over four months in 2012, the state paid for another four acres along Riverfront Boulevard in Dallas County, but records don’t communicate the price. As perhaps could be expected, folks are calling foul, asking how this could be legal.

Another Woman Pulled Over By a Fake Cop. A woman driving in Denton at 2:30 a.m. Friday saw flashing lights in her rearview mirror and pulled over. While she was getting her license and registration, the fake police officer tried to assault her. So what are you supposed to do when someone pulls you over at 2:30 in the morning? One of the tips listed in the article is making sure the vehicle is properly marked as a police car. But how can you do that? End of story: This is one of my worst nightmares. If people have tips beyond the obvious stay off the road always, I’d love to hear them.

Dog Debate Brewing in Plano. Whether pups can accompany their owners on patios in Plano is up for discussion, with a vote coming as soon as Tuesday. Allowing dogs to dine (or sit while their owners dine) al fresco is common practice in Dallas and other cities across the country. But when the Katy Trail Ice House Outpost opened this summer, that part of their patio mission got rejected. Plano Mayor Harry LaRosilliere called the opinionated “very passionate” on both sides of the argument.


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Leading Off (12/2/13)

Behind the American Airlines and US Airways Merger. The controversial merger has been cleared for takeoff (couldn’t help it), but Mark Curriden of The Texas Lawbook delves in deep, detailing the two-year, behind-the-scenes ping-pong match, which included a confidential two-page letter written seven weeks ago that may have been the most crucial item in settlement talks. […]

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