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Making Dallas Even Better

Booker T. Grad Stars in Beats by Dre Parody

Zach Eisenberg graduated from the Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in 1992, the same year I did. (What a coincidence!) These days, he lives in Seattle with his wife and three kids. With the Seahawks playing in the Super Bowl this weekend, Zach and a few of his rain-soaked, coffee-fueled homies decided to create a parody of those Beats by Dre commercials featuring Kevin Garnett and Colin Kaepernick. Their version can be seen on Funny or Die — at least until Dr. Dre’s people send a cease-and-desist letter.

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Could a Company Have a More Awesome Mascot Than a Monkey With a Jetpack?

I’d never heard of Fort Worth-based WDS Logistics until yesterday afternoon, when I saw one of its trucks rolling through Carrollton. The truck caught my eye because of the company’s distinctive mascot, a monkey with a jetpack. (The truck also triggered a debate with my 5-year-old son, who was equally intrigued but insisted that we […]

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What’s Going on With the Alamo Plaza Sign?

From our friends at Oak Cliff People: Michael Amonnet, past president of the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League, is none too pleased about Sylvan Thirty developers’ new call for public input on the historic Alamo Plaza Hotel Courts sign. He was under the impression it would stay put, Amonnet tells me, adding that such signage “reflects […]

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Leading Off (2/11/13)

Perry Goes to California to Poach Businesses: Rick Perry is on tour of California, where he hopes to swoop-in and woo businesses to Texas. It’s a trip that puts the epic state showdown in context: In that corner, Athens. In this one, Sparta. Each serves as the other’s foil, the Ali to its Frazier, the […]

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Sherman Viewers Got an Eyeful of Will Ferrell During Last Night’s Super Bowl

For the second year in a row, Will Ferrell has produced a Super Bowl ad for Old Milwaukee beer. And for the second year in a row, only a sliver of worldwide viewers saw the ad. Last year, it was only folks in the North Platte, Neb. TV market. This year it included parts of Oklahoma, Texas, […]

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On Monday, the Dallas Museum of Art Will be Free. Here’s What to Expect, and What it Means for Museums

At a press event this morning, Dallas Museum of Art staff offered a sneak peek of the museum’s new DMA Friends program which launches Monday, January 21, at which point the museum will be free. That’s right, completely free (well, except for special exhibitions). But what makes the DMA’s new program unique is not free […]

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