Zac Crain is a senior editor at D Magazine. He moved to Dallas in 1997, and since then, he's worked as an editor at the Dallas Observer and American Way, written for Esquire and Spin, ran for Dallas mayor, written a book, and served as "glue guy" for a handful of rec-league basketball squads. Scouting report: can't go right, but he's a creative passer, and semi-accurate set shooter.

Louis Bedford, Dallas County’s First Black Judge, Loses Battle With Prostate Cancer

Bedford, a graduate of Booker T. Washington High School, became the first black judge in Dallas when he served on the municipal court in 1966. He spent most of his adult life mentoring other black lawyers, including Dallas County DA Craig Watkins, who he swore into office. Watkins remembered that moment in this profile I wrote of him in 2009:

“I was looking at him when he was swearing me in, and he was trembling and he was almost teary-eyed,” Watkins says. “I was like, why is he so emotional for me? And then I realized: all the struggles that he had been through were really for me to have this opportunity. He said at the end of his little thing, ‘You’re the first. Let’s make sure that you’re not the last.’ I really didn’t understand at the time what he was talking about, but I understand it now. Any little thing you do will jeopardize someone else that may be different—a woman, Hispanic, whatever—to be put in this position. Whatever you do, if you make the smallest mistake, it will shine a disparaging light on everybody else that comes.”

Bedford was 88.

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Leading Off (4/10/14)

Michael Morris Apologizes To Wick Allison And Other Dallas Leaders. In advance of today’s meeting of the Regional Transportation Council, the (deep breath) North Central Texas Regional (almost there) Council of Governments transportation director apologized for throwing down the race card last week regarding the efforts to tear down I-345.

Dallas ISD Trustees Consider Hiring Education Lawyer To Advise Them On Home-Rule Push. I’m sure that will make this whole thing go so much smoother.

Dwaine Caraway Asks City Staff To Begin Process of Renaming Lancaster Road After Nelson Mandela. Specifically, the portion between I-20 and Corinth and Illinois. This seems like a fine idea, though, as usual with Caraway, a little bit out of nowhere. I’d love to sit in on a brainstorming session with him sometime.

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Leading Off (4/3/14)

Museum Tower Hires Firm To Help Solve Glare Problem. The company, the Texas-based and kind-of-odd-sounding Hines, has “significant experience developing award-winning arts and cultural facilities,” among them LA’s Frank Gehry-designed Walt Disney Concert Hall, which also had a glare problem. I’m sure Tim will be on here later to speculate on what this all means, once he climbs out of the rabbit hole this will no doubt cause him to disappear into. Thanks, Museum Tower. We’re trying to finish making a magazine.

Dallas Makes First Cut of Cities Trying to Get 2016 Republican National Convention. They cut down the list of prospective cities from eight to six, so, at this rate, they may have a decision made by the time the convention rolls around. Reached at Castle Grayskull, DCVB boss Philip Jones silently pumped a fist and continued trying to figure out how to take down He-Man.

Walk-Off Walk? Walk-off walk.

SMU Tries For NIT Championship Tonight. It would be a pretty decent consolation prize, and a good jumping-off point for next season, which will feature superstar point guard Emmanuel Mudiay and possibly Top 50 recruit Myles Turner. As an aside: SMU has massively stepped up its shoe game since I interviewed coach Larry Brown in November. In that photo, I see Air Jordan 7 “Olympics,” “Christmas” KD VIs, Kobe 9s — man, that’s pretty great. I wear a 10.5 or 11, if you guys need a shill for the program.

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Rodger Jones: Bad Editorial Writer, Masterful Shill For TxDOT

Dallas Morning News editorial writer Rodger Jones has taken time out of his busy schedule of taking world-weary selfies to write about the efforts to tear down Interstate 345. The first one — “Is I-345 teardown idea a chance to finance the Trinity River toll road?” — was a little safari to the magical land where paper tigers roam free, asking a question no one was asking, then answering it in a sort of confusing and terrible way, ending with him saying that the idea no one was talking about was a bad one because it would force commuters to take a toll road instead of a free route, and how dare anyone actually consider it, even though no one actually seems to be. He finished by pounding on the podium: “It’s called economic justice.”

But that one was actually OK! At least in comparison to his latest one: “Why doesn’t the S.M. Wright freeway teardown get urbanist publicity?” Our friend and occasional D Magazine contributor Patrick Kennedy tears down Jones’ central argument quicker and more efficiently than TxDOT got rid of S.M. Wright Freeway right here. I am only an amateur urban planner, but I also have some thoughts. The main one is: Rodger Jones is 100-percent shilling for TxDOT. Look here:

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Go, Ponies!

Tonight SMU tips off against Clemson in the first game of the NIT semifinals. Still bummed that SMU didn’t get a bid from the NCAA? You shouldn’t be. Jackson Williams certainly isn’t. Jackson is a longtime FrontBurnervian, and he is pumped about tonight. With his permission, here’s an email he sent us that I thought was worth sharing today:

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Frustrated Mike Rawlings Leaves For Houston

Saying he was “fed up” with the controversy surrounding his role in the home rule effort, Mike Rawlings accepted a position as mayor of Houston late Sunday night. He was introduced at a press conference earlier this morning (pictured). Ignoring normal procedure because this way would be quote “oh my lord, soooo much more fun,” the Dallas City Council has decided to put Dwaine Caraway back in charge as interim mayor.

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Leading Off (3/27/14)

WFAA and Star-Telegram Now Teammates. WFAA ended its content partnership with next-door neighbor the Dallas Morning News last, hmm, Let’s just say recently, it’s been looking for a new paper to be superfriends with. After a brief dalliance with the Grapevine Sun that we now all see was just a ruse to get a better deal, The House That Chip Moody Built Or At Least Briefly Lived in is now buddied up with the Star-T.

WFAA Totally Happy It Doesn’t Have To Do Anything With This Steve Blow Column About Teens Using Marijuana. Yeah, I don’t really understand what legalizing pot in Colorado has to do with anything else in here either. I assume it has to do with induced topicality, a problem I just made up.

Nic Moore’s Three-Pointer Sends SMU to New York. They’ll face Clemson in the NIT semifinals at Madison Square Garden. Pretty solid.

What Would Now Cost Someone A Nickel? This.

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Why Dirk Nowitzki is the Most Under-Appreciated NBA Superstar

I’ve probably written more words about Dirk Nowitzki than any other subject I’ve written about, about half of which have been the phrase “I SEE YOU, BIG GERMAN!” It’s long been my contention that, despite all Dirk has done for basketball in Dallas, he’s never been fully appreciated by the city. Liked? For sure. Loved? Definitely by more than a few. But that’s different than appreciated. The folks at ESPN’s True Hoop site were kind enough to let me expound on that idea here as part of its True Cities series. And I managed not to say “I SEE YOU, BIG GERMAN” even once.

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Leading Off (3/20/14)

New Computer System Leads to Fewer Warrants For Traffic Violators. According to Channel 8′s Byron Harris, the new system has led to a 98-percent decrease in the amount of warrants being issued for people that don’t pay traffic tickets. Harris then reminded the teacher that she forgot to give us any homework, as the class groaned.

Frisco Prohibits Pedestrians Using Medians. This comes after Ron Martin was arrested for standing in a median to warn drivers about speed traps, and then beat the case because they couldn’t figure out which city ordinance he was violating. So, they came up with one. Feels like a baby with the bathwater situation, but that’s just my gut reaction, which is never, ever wrong, ever.

Mavs Come Back From 22 Points Down, But Lose In Overtime. Ugh. This season may kill me.

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