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Making Dallas Even Better

Zac Crain is a senior editor at D Magazine. He moved to Dallas in 1997, and since then, he's worked as an editor at the Dallas Observer and American Way, written for Esquire and Spin, ran for Dallas mayor, written a book, and served as "glue guy" for a handful of rec-league basketball squads. Scouting report: can't go right, but he's a creative passer, and semi-accurate set shooter.

Leading Off (6/27/16)

Man Drowns in Lewisville Lake During Boat Party. About 30 people were on the two-story boat. The man, 35, disappeared underwater around 8:30 Saturday night. He was found yesterday afternoon. And on Sunday, one boy (age 9) died and another (a 2-year-old) is in critical condition after being pulled from the water in separate locations in Fort Worth. I feel like I type this every week: please be careful.

Northaven Methodist Church Votes to Permit Celebration of All Marriages. By a 98 percent margin. Good job. Sunday marked the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriages.

Rangers Have Most Wins in the Majors. The Cubs still have a slight lead in winning percentage, but Your Texas Rangers have the most W’s after a 6-2 win over the Red Sox finished off yet another series win. Guys, I’m paying attention to baseball and it’s not even July. I don’t even know what’s going on.

Richardson Bar Sued For Not Cutting Off Man’s 8-Hour Drinking Binge. Gordon Savage says he started drinking at W.W. Fairfield’s at 6 p.m., kept at it past 2 a.m., then tried to drive home. He hit a concrete divider on 75 around 3. Savage wasn’t charged with drunken driving but he’s suing the bar for $1 million anyway.

Pete Sessions Says Democrats Should Be Investigated for Ethics Violations During Sit-In. The congressman said this on Inside Texas Politics. I think he should investigated for not being able to tie a tie better than me, someone who wears a tie maybe twice a year. He should also be investigated for having neg burns. It’s a very suspect look and makes me feel like he’s up to something.

FC Dallas Wins to Kick Off Second Half of the Season. The 2-0 home win over Real Salt Lake puts FCD just one point down of the Colorado Rapids in both the Western Conference and the race for the Supporters’ Shield. Two things: 1) the second goal was one of the prettiest you’ll see all season, with a Mauro Diaz bicycle pass (!) to Fabian Castillo, who finished it off perfectly, and 2) when Diaz is on, he might be the best player in the MLS.

Jack Evans Passes Away

The Dallas Voice reported this morning that Jack Evans has died, after spending the past few months in a rehab facility. He was 86.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps you know Evans better as one half of “Jack and George,” the couple (George is George Harris) well known for leading the fight for marriage equality since the 1960s. Last June, when the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, Jack and George were the first gay couple married in Dallas County. They had been together for 55 years at the time.

I met Jack and George briefly after they appeared in our 40th anniversary issue, and they could not have been more delightful. I’m glad they got to spend at least a year together as husband and husband, fully recognized in the eyes of the law.

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DMN Dunks All Over Brett Shipp’s Gotcha Rangers Stadium Story

When the son of noted local journalist Bert Shipp unveiled his big “What the Rangers DON’T want you to KNOW about their new stadium deal” report, alleging that the team is screwing over Arlington taxpayers to the tune of $300 million, I was skeptical. On the one hand, I was inclined to believe a sports franchise would scheme to shake some change out of Arlington residents’ pockets. On the other, Shipp the Lesser was involved. By some accounts, he’s a nice guy. By more accounts, he is a puffed-up blowhard who is regularly, almost habitually, on the wrong side of history. Was this Rangers story yet another time Shipp — who has worn Oakleys with a Croakies strap on them on camera, like he hosts a local fishing show — was wrong?

According to this Jeff Mosier jeans-punching, VERY MUCH YES. Nutshelling: Shipp suggested that Arlington taxpayers would end up shouldering 80 percent of the $1 billion load. Mosier’s math isn’t definite either, but

it’s possible that Arlington residents will pay for about 30 percent of the stadium, even when factoring in the parking and ticket taxes.

Read the whole thing, because it’s full of so much delicious (and correct, and necessary) side eye. Love you, Jeff.

Is the New Rangers Ballpark a Terrible Deal For Arlington?

This report by WFAA’s Brett Shipp and Mark Smith suggests that, instead of a 50-50 deal, with Arlington kicking in $500 million and the Rangers doing the same, it’s actually more like 80-20 in favor of the team.

There are a lot of “coulds” in the piece, so I honestly don’t know — having read through the story once and not having read the stadium agreement — if Arlington residents are getting jobbed here or not. Other than by living in Arlington. And one of the reporters is noted Oakley spokesmodel and legacy hire Brett Shipp, who has been known to make a very large amount of ado about nothing from time to time.

Yes, I know, no matter what Arlington residents are getting the short end by paying anything for a new stadium. I’m just looking for the degree to which that is happening. Is it cackling-villain-twirling-mustache-as-he-leaves-you-tied-to-the-train-tracks bad or I-can’t-believe-Tim-Headington-left-me-a-5-percent-tip bad?

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I Hope Susan Hawk Is OK, And I Also Hope She Immediately Resigns

I haven’t always been incredibly sympathetic toward district attorney Susan Hawk. In my defense, and it’s not much of one, that was before it was revealed she was struggling with depression and mental illness. Now that all of that is out in the open, I am regretful of previous digs at her, and I truly hope she comes out healthy on the other side of this.

I also sincerely hope she does the right thing and resigns her post as district attorney, now that she is headed to an Arizona inpatient facility to continue her battle with depression.

It is her third hospital stay since taking office. And she just got back from the Menninger Clinic in Houston, where she was a patient near the end of last year, dealing with serious issues. Hawk has been out of the office since the beginning of May. Who knows when she’ll be back? And who knows if she’ll be able to stay in office when/if she does come back?

Messina Madson, Hawk’s first assistant, who’s been running the DA’s office in her stead, may be doing fine. I don’t know. But I do know she wasn’t elected.

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Leading Off (6/20/16)

Woman Killed After Second Hit-and-Run Accident. Eunise Chavez was a passenger in a car that was struck on northbound Central early Sunday by a driver that left the scene. Chavez and the driver were standing on the median to call 911 when Chavez was hit and killed by a maroon Audi driven by Michelle Davis, who didn’t stop and later abandoned the vehicle 4 miles away. Davis was booked into Dallas County jail and charged with intoxication manslaughter and accident involving serious bodily injury. Chavez was only 21. Please put Uber on your phone and use it.

Cathedral of Hope Evacuated After Bomb Scare. Two carry-on bags and a suitcase were found Sunday morning at the LGBT church, causing an evacuation around 8. Services were held outside, but everything was cleared — they found a cellphone making noise because of a low battery — in time for 11 a.m. mass. It was one week after the Orlando massacre, so understandably no one was taking any chances. Speaking of Orlando …

Fort Worth Pastor Praises Orlando Deaths. Pastor Donnie Romero of Steadfast Baptist Church posted a video to YouTube in which he said that “the earth is a little bit better place now” and, regarding the injured still in the hospital, “I will pray that God will finish the job that that man started.” It was way worse than that, actually, but I’m not going to repeat that garbage. Romero has a history of preaching this kind of hateful nonsense.

Dustin Marshall Wins Runoff Election and Seat on DISD Board. The businessman defeated Mita Havlick by just 42 votes.

Rangers Come Back to Beat Cardinals. That finishes off a sweep, an 8-2 road trip, and continues the best start in franchise history.

FC Dallas Falls to Sporting Kansas City In Return to Action. A 2-o defeat might have gone a different way if this goal, off an errant back pass, had not been disallowed (HOW??) when it was still 0-0.

A Short Story About the Rangers’ Last No-Hitter

Yesterday, as Jason mentioned in Leading Off, Colby Lewis took a no-hitter into the ninth inning against the A’s, ultimately settling for a two-hit complete game. Which is still pretty good. Did Tim jinx Lewis? Probably, verging on definitely. But, hey, guys — guys! — don’t get too mad at him. He gets excited, and we generally like to encourage that.

Anyway, I managed to catch the last inning or so. Not literally. Bobby Wilson was behind the plate all game. I mean, can you imagine? My knees are garbage and there is almost no chance I could get off the throw to second. Plus, I’m left-handed, and, as everyone knows, there hasn’t been a left-handed catcher since [surreptitiously googles] Benny Distefano for the Pirates in 1989 and that was just three games.

ANYWAY, when I was watching the last inning and change, they mentioned that Rangers pitchers had thrown five no-hitters in franchise history, and the last one was Kenny Rogers’ perfect game on July 28, 1994. I remember this very clearly, because I drove up from West to go to that game.

But I didn’t get to see it.

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Leading Off (6/6/16)

Denver Broncos’ Aqib Talib Among Three Shot at Strip Club. The Broncos cornerback and Richardson native was shot in the leg at the V Live club on Empire Central early Sunday morning. He was treated at Medical City, after being driven there in his Rolls, and is OK, apparently.

Bad Idea Put Into Action. The Continental Avenue Pedestrian Bridge, which will be partially demolished if/when a big, dumb road is put between the levees of the Trinity River, was officially renamed on Saturday for former Mayor Ron Kirk, who supports building the big, dumb road and so also, in effect, supports demolishing part of the bridge that now carries his name. This reporter will still be calling it the Continental Avenue Pedestrian Bridge.

Hackers Hit Another Construction Sign. After last week’s Trump business, this one, in Uptown, was changed to read “Gorilla Deserved It,” a reference to Harambe, the gorilla shot and killed after a kid got into his enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo. Weak. In related news, the Dallas Zoo is considering adding new safety barriers to prevent a similar incident here. I mean, I hope they put in enough safety barriers after Jabari hopped the fence.

Chewbacca, Chewbacca Mom Meet. Candace Payne, the Grand Prairie lady with the Chewbacca mask and the laugh, met Peter Mayhew, the famous Wookie who lives in North Texas, at the Fan Expo Dallas shindig. Good times.

Rangers Finish Off Sweep of Mariners. A clever bit of baserunning by Elvis Andrus was the difference in the team’s fourth three-game series sweep.

No More Rain. Finally.

The New Trinity Park Looks Great — But Never Will Be

As Jason mentioned on Friday. Mayor Rawlings unveiled the plan for a 285-acre, $285 million park between the Trinity River levees, Does it look and sound amazing? Absolutely. Hits all the right notes about fostering connectivity and all that business. The renderings, as always, are gorgeous.

But guess what? All those plans and pictures are garbage, because the park still has a dumb road running through it, try as they might to downplay it and camouflage it, and that road is straighter than any story anyone involved with this project has ever delivered. Will ever deliver. Guess what that straight road will turn into, and probably not even far enough into the future to be modified by “eventually”? A big, dumb, highway.

Forget that noise. As long as there is a road involved, any park between the levees is a median, nothing more.

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Leading Off (5/23/16)

Woman Stabbed Before Dallas Lutheran School Graduation. A 17-year-old man stabbed a 19-year-old woman before the graduation ceremony in Lake Highlands in what’s being called an “unprovoked attack.” The man then went outside and sat on the steps of the gym until officers arrived and took him into custody. The woman is OK and the ceremony eventually continued, and nothing ever makes sense anymore.

Dallas Wings Win Home Opener. Pro basketball returned to Dallas (ish) and Skylar Diggins returned to the court (more or less) for the first time in 11 months as the Wings beat the San Antonio Stars. Diggins played 12 minutes and scored a point. The team was led by Irving’s Odyssey Sims with 23 and they’re now 3-1.

Grand Prairie Woman In Chewbacca Mask Has Most Viewed Facebook Live Video Ever. It’s been watched 130 million times. Perhaps you’ve seen it.

Yu Darvish Looks Good in Final Rehab Start. He threw six scoreless innings in Frisco and looks ready for a turn in the Rangers’ rotation for the first time since 2014. The Rangers finished a sweep of the Astros yesterday.

LGBT Center Opens Near Love Field. At the ribbon cutting of the new 20,000-square-foot Resource Center, CEO Cece Cox invited Lt. Governor Dan Patrick to come by, saying, “And if Mr. Patrick and his boss, Greg Abbott, want to come by here and use our restroom, have a chat, have a cup of coffee, we welcome that. They might even learn something.”

Mark Cuban Says He Would Be Either Clinton or Trump’s Running Mate, Maybe Would Run For President in 2020. Sure, OK, fine. You know, maybe we should just stop asking people questions.

FC Dallas Hand New England First Home Loss. After a wild first half that saw both sides net two goals, FCD took control in the second with Fabian Castillo scoring for the first time in a while and Tesho Akindele getting his second of the match. The win briefly gave the squad the lead in the Western Conference and the Supporters’ Shield standings, but they’re now just one point back in both. #DTID