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No, UT Southwestern Is Not ‘Opting Out’ Of Obamacare

Earlier this week, Wylie H. shared an interesting Facebook post from a UT Southwestern patient that culled this paragraph of text from the medical institution’s website: “If you plan to obtain coverage through this option, please note that UT Southwestern University Hospitals and Clinics will not be contracted with any of the insurance plans currently available through the Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Marketplace during the 2016 calendar year.”

On its face, it may look like UT Southwestern is attempting to opt out of caring for patients who purchased Obamacare. In reality, the insurance companies have lost so much money on ACA-related claims that they’re shrinking or outright killing their provider networks to recoup their losses.

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Children’s Health Is Acquiring Baylor Scott & White’s Our Children’s House

Our Children’s House is the name for Baylor Scott & White Health’s pediatric program for children with special healthcare needs. Earlier this month, Baylor, the largest nonprofit health system in the state, announced plans to stop providing inpatient services there and filed a WARN letter with the Texas Workforce Commission announcing plans to lay off 181 Our Children’s House employees. No longer: Children’s Health System of Texas has signed a binding term sheet to acquire it.

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Appellate Court Tosses $10.7 Million Ruling Because Of Ex-Dallas Judge’s Flub

Back in 2010, a North Dallas neurologist filed suit in the 101st Civil District Court alleging that his partners intentionally misled and withheld information from him about just how bad their two medical facilities were doing. Soon, they crashed and burned and Dr. Erwin Cruz says he lost millions, which could’ve been avoided had his partners not been negligent. So he sued.

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Baylor CEO Allison Takes Aim At Federal Response To Ebola

“This is a failure on the national level, a big failure,” said Allison, the head of the state’s largest nonprofit health system. “Ebola was known for years. If they would’ve addressed it when it needed to be addressed it could’ve been stopped, frankly, in my opinion, in West Africa. The CDC was not handling this well; they’ve dropped the ball and it fell back on Presbyterian Dallas.”

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Five Dallas ISD Kids Were In Contact With Ebola Patient, But Don’t Panic

Before the news: There is an infinitesimal chance of you or your kids or your family getting Ebola.

Breathe. Now: A who’s-who of state and local officials gathered at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas a few minutes ago and shared a few updates on the public health response. Look for the full write-up on D Healthcare Daily shortly.

As you’re surely aware by now, a man who traveled to Dallas from Liberia was diagnosed with Ebola on Tuesday. It’s the first case in the U.S. ever. He’s been in isolation since Sunday, although he initially sought care two days prior and was sent home. Dr. Ed Goodman, the hospital’s chief epidemiologist, said he was feverish and suffering from abdominal pains on Sept. 26. He was prescribed antibiotics and discharged, even though he told medical officials he had been in Liberia. Why he was sent home is under investigation.

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UT Southwestern Boasts 10 of the World’s Top Researchers

This week, Thomson Reuters published an update to its list of the most cited researchers in the world. Ten work in North Texas, and all of those are employed by UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Head over to D Healthcare Daily for details on the work that each of the researchers do, but this is a nice recognition for the medical school: In essence, it’s listing these researchers as some of the foremost experts in their entire fields.

The list was first compiled in 2001 and again in 2004. For this update, Thomson Reuters scoured references in the top 1 percent of all peer reviewed articles or white papers indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection between 2002 and 2012. The 10 researchers at UTSW authored, participated, or were cited in some of the most highly regarded pieces of research in the last decade.

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