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Tesla’s Mobile Projection Vehicle Puts a Panda on the Meyerson

Okay, yes, the company has done other stuff to help the planet, too, like produce a beautiful electric vehicle people actually want to drive. Our photographer, Elizabeth, went out with the Tesla team around midnight last night to document this Earth Day-inspired project: mobile projections of animals in acute danger. It’s promotion for a film called Racing Extinction, which delves deep into the international wildlife trade, that screens Saturday and Sunday at Earth Day Dallas in Fair Park. The activists featured in the documentary use cameras hidden in water bottles and button holes to expose the lucrative markets that threaten species with extinction. A Tesla is, of course, also involved in the somewhat less covert operations as a way of attempting to get people to wake up and pay attention to world around them. The film, which premiered at Sundance this year, is directed by Louis Psihoyos, the man behind The Cove, a documentary about the Japanese dolphin trade that won an Academy Award in 2010. See it Saturday or Sunday, 2 pm and 6 pm.

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Leading Off (4/20/2015)

Stevie Ray Vaughan Inducted Into Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. The ceremony took place on Saturday in Cleveland, but for fans of the Oak Cliff guitarist and his band, Double Trouble, the induction was a long time coming.

Plano West Sports Star Arrested. Soso Jamabo, a senior running back who had signed with UCLA, was arrested in Kaufman County on a charge of evading arrest with a vehicle after he allegedly attempted to avoid a traffic stop Saturday evening. Police say they tried to pull him over after he exited Highway 175 at a high speed, and in response, Jamabo, driving a truck, sped up and ran a stop sign, turning on to State Highway 274. He eventually stopped. The three other people in the car with him were cited for minors in possession of alcohol and minors in consumption, but not arrested. Jamabo bonded out Sunday afternoon.

Rockets Beat Mavs In First Playoff Game. The score was 118-108. This is a fun quote from Houston Rockets player Corey Brewer, who was once a Maverick: “It feels good, especially playing against a former team,” said Brewer, who was sent to Denver in a salary dump when Dallas acquired Lamar Odom before the 2011-12 season.  “I think they traded me away for a bag of chips, so it’s always good to play against them.”

Did Someone Lose A Tortoise? The Sulcata tortoise is not inconspicuous, considering that it weighs more than your average dog. It was found near Ferguson Road and St. Francis, so if anyone in Casa Linda has lost a pet speed demon, call Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center.

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Leading Off (4/13/2015)

Jordan Spieth Wins Masters. The 21-year-old Dallas native finished ahead of Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, and Rory McIlroy to nab the green jacket.

Thousands of People Watched Katie The Giraffe Give Birth. It’s a girl. And already six feet tall. Here are some photos of the as-yet-unnamed baby giraffe.

Gas Well Leak Prompts Evacuations in Arlington. Residents were displaced Saturday night while Halliburton-owned Boots & Co. attempted to seal the leak, which had something to do with the “flow back of pressurized fracking water” well into Sunday afternoon.

Major Crash On I-30 Kills Five Early Sunday Morning. It started as a minor accident in Fort Worth. Then an 18-wheeler carrying the Sunday edition of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram wrecked and caught fire. Nine cars and 17 people were involved. Be careful out there.

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Leading Off (4/6/2014)

Pedestrian Dies In Hit-and-Run Near Mockingbird Station. The victim, 20-year-old Paul Miltenberger, attempted to the cross Mockingbird Lane at a non-crosswalk area very early this morning and was hit by a black Dodge Charger. Miltenberger was a sophomore at the University of Missouri, and the campus newspaper reports that he is from Southlake. Let’s hope this pedestrian bridge happens.

Texas Health Resources Responds To Nina Pham’s Lawsuit. For starters, THR would like the whole thing dismissed. But the five-page response goes on to generally deny the allegations that the hospital’s lack of proper training and equipment caused her to contract the Ebola virus and that Pham’s privacy was violated. Pham’s attorney, Charla Aldous, says she is “disappointed but not surprised” by the hospital’s response.

Trinity Toll Road Faces Army Corps of Engineers. After the Federal Highway Administration approved the proposed six-lane Trinity toll road last Thursday, the final federal hurdle is the Army Corps of Engineers. Within weeks, they are expected to determine whether the road can be built without compromising the levees, as well as the overall impact of the project and whether or not federal funds should be used to pay for it.

A Bird-Napping In Oak Cliff Ruffles Feathers. Someone very nonchalantly snatched a wild male peacock from the Beckley Club Estates neighborhood, and the residents, who feed and care for the birds, are understandably upset. Considering that birds are really just tiny dinosaurs, you might wonder how this happened. “The bird wasn’t paying any attention. The male was, um, mating.” Anyway, just bring the peacock back, please.

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Leading Off (3/30/2015)

Meeting of Two Biker Gangs Turns Deadly. Two people were shot and killed at the scene Saturday evening in southeast Dallas, while a third shooting victim was dropped off at a police substation. Police are looking for witnesses, with no suspects in custody yet.

Sam Wyly Speaks. The Morning News has an interview with Wyly, former Dallas billionaire who has declared bankruptcy and is selling off his assets after a jury found in February that Wyly and his brother, Charles, had committed fraud by using offshore trusts to trade millions in securities. And while selling his indie bookstore in Aspen for $6.5 million, among many other things, might be “a disaster,” Wyly tells the News that it was worse to lose his state high school football championship.

Go Back To Dean Street. If you recall (and enjoyed) the Dallas Theater Center’s production of the new musical Fortress of Solitude last year, you will be pleased to note that the original cast recording, full of blues and funk and soul, with its recognizable homage to the real-life artists who refined the genres, is out on iTunes. I recommend it even if you didn’t get a chance to see it.

Republicans Want More Information About Minors Seeking Abortion Exemptions. Republicans in the Lege, including Ron Simmons from Carrollton and Matt Krause of Fort Worth, have taken a new tack this year by filing bills that would change how the legal exemption process for minors seeking an abortion works. Notably, these bills want to make public the names and identifying information of the judges who hear the exemption cases. I will leave you all to guess just why these lawmakers would like this information made public.

Homophobic Vandal Arrested, Charged. Excellent news here. A grand jury indicted outspoken anti-LGBT person Richard Sheridan, failed city council candidate who also apparently ran for mayor at one point, for painting “666” on the Legacy of Love monument in Oak Lawn and the Cathedral of Hope, the biggest gay and lesbian church in the world. (The Dallas Morning News building and the Dallas Observer building were also tagged.) Does this mean police got word of the theory posited by another former mayoral candidate who is “not a detective” but does work at D Magazine? Perhaps.

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Leading Off (3/23/2015)

Ted Cruz Is Officially Running For President. After majorly spoiler alert-ing this announcement on every single news organization and social media platform known to man, including Yahoo Groups, Sen. Ted Cruz will make the actual announcement today, though not from Texas. He’ll do it from Liberty University in Virginia. He’s the first GOP candidate to jump in.

Yoga Does Not Work For Everyone. As Nancy Duarte evidently found when she misplaced her zen and tried to burn down Sunstone Yoga on Mockingbird Lane Saturday night.  The studio suffered minimal damage.  Per the Morning News, “a witness, Phineas Bennett-Lovari, said the woman was lighting matches and pieces of paper and throwing them into the air, yelling, ‘I’m going to burn this [expletive] down. I don’t care if I go to jail.'” Duarte was arrested and charged with arson.

Arlington Might Get An MGM Grand Hotel. The city would not confirm, but sources told the Star-Telegram that a “convention-class” hotel with at least 750 rooms was in the works for a site near Globe Life Park.

Uptown Definitely Getting A Dream Hotel. Dallas is one a few cities with Dream Hotels in the works, as the boutique brand is adding six new properties. It will be on McKinney Ave. near Bowen Street. The plans were delayed while developers worked with residents to address parking and noise concerns.

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Leading Off (3/16/2015)

Ponies Headed to NCAA Tournament. SMU beat UConn to clinch a spot. Thanks, Larry Brown. Yay, sports.

Pedestrian Killed In Hit-And-Run in Lake Highlands. David Benton, 55, was killed crossing the street at Skillman and Walnut Hill Lane Sunday morning when he was struck by a vehicle. The driver, identified as Angel Lopez-Gil, kept going, dragging Benton’s body, and then parked his damaged vehicle and fled on foot. A witness to the accident followed him, and police were able to make the arrest a few blocks away.

Pedestrian Killed By TRE In Irving. This was not a good weekend, you guys. Apparently, a woman ventured on to the tracks Saturday afternoon while the crossing gate arms were still down and was waiting for a westbound freight train to pass while walking south on Nursery Road. She did not see the TRE coming from the east.

Teenager Arrested In Death Of Iraqi Immigrant. Nykerion Nealon, 17, was arrested Friday in connection with the death of Ahmed Al-Jumaili, the Iraqi immigrant who was murdered while he was taking pictures of the snow. Police say that it was not a hate crime—Nealon was allegedly looking for a person who he claimed shot at his girlfriend’s apartment 30 minutes before when he randomly came across Al-Jumaili and his family while carrying an assault rifle. Why does a 17-year-old even have access to an assault rifle? This is insane.

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The New York Times Is Streaming Strike: The Greatest Bowling Story Ever Told

You may recall that Michael J. Mooney’s story, “The Most Amazing Bowling Story Ever,” inspired a short documentary about the night amateur bowler Bill Fong threw strike after strike. Filmmaker Joey Daoud read the story when it first came out and wrote to Mike immediately. Lest you think the praise for this Mooney classic had run its course, it was recently the subject of the Nieman Foundation’s Annotation Tuesday. You can read the story with his writerly notes here.

Anyway, I got to see the film, Strike: The Greatest Bowling Story Ever Told, last year at the Dallas International Film Festival. It’s great, and I’m not biased or being paid by Mooney to write all this. But starting to today, you can screen it on as part of their Made With Kickstarter series.

Go forth and watch.

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Leading Off (3/9/2015)

There Was Another Earthquake Saturday Night, And Guess Where The Epicenter Was. If you said anything that did not at least near-rhyme with “Flexas Titanium,” we’re sorry, you have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer is service. The magnitude was 2.3 for those keeping score.

Police Still Seeking Suspects In Last Thursday’s Murder Of An Iraqi Refugee. This story is sad and depressing and very troubling. Ahmed al-Jumaili had only recently arrived in Dallas, where he was reunited with his wife after staying behind in Baghdad last year to to try and save more money despite escalating violence there. He was shot outside his family’s apartment early Thursday morning, after he went outside to take pictures of the snow. The shooters fled, and al-Jumaili died at Presby. The police released a video of the suspects on Saturday. Vox has a longer piece on the shooting, which is recommended reading.

SMU Mustangs Win First Conference Title Since 1993. The Ponies beat Tulsa 67-62, with Markus Kennedy leading the team with 16 points.

Longtime KSCS Radio Personality Terry Dorsey Dies. He had just retired from the station in December of last year. He died Saturday night of a sudden illness on his farm in Illinois.

This Is The Most Dallas Thing Ever. Somebody rented a Bird Bird-infused Lambo (of course), drove it on the Tollway (of course), wrecked it after hitting a wall (of course), and then abandoned it on the shoulder (OF COURSE) late Saturday night. Even more fantastic: the luxury car rental company claiming the Lamborghini is Farmers Branch-based “Exotic Skittles,” because nothing says “luxury” like candy available in Fun Size. Personally, and sticking to the candy theme, I would have gone with “Exotic Green-Tea Kit Kats You Can Buy In Japan, But Also At That Grocery Store In Carrollton.”

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Leading Off (3/2/2015)

Nina Pham Is Suing Texas Health Resources. As if you could forget, Pham is the Presby nurse who was among those who treated Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan, and then contracted Ebola herself. She announced her intent to file a suit today against Presby’s parent company, Texas Health Resources, on Saturday in a Dallas Morning News story complete with lots of photos of Pham and her adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bentley. The suit alleges negligence on the part of the hospital—a failure to develop policies, train staff, and provide proper protective equipment—as well as invasions of privacy.

This Weather Is Unpleasant. On Saturday, two people were killed and a third injured when their SUV slid off an icy I-30 overpass in Fort Worth and into a creek. Despite one nearly 70-degree day, there will be more danger-making sleet and storms this week, so do be careful.

Lucky Dog Books Will Vacate Davis Street Storefront. Another one bites the dust, ish. Owner John Tilton, who was unable to keep up with his rent and had been partially paying for months, mentions that he is looking at other possibilities in Oak Cliff. He and his wife have another Lucky Dog in East Dallas. A new Common Desk, the co-working space, will move into the space.

Toyota Is Polling Its Employees To See How They Feel About Moving To North Texas. The process will last a year, and “the surveys won’t specifically ask employees in California, Kentucky and New York to commit to the move.” The first one to respond with this should get a raise, probably.

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First Look At Flora Lofts, Now Part of 29-Story Arts District High Rise

Back in 2013, Peter wrote about the Bob Meckfessel-led La Reunion TX proposal for 39 affordable artist lofts in the Arts District, built on the site of the parking lot next to Museum Tower on Flora Street. At the time of the proposal, the going rate for those lofts would be $360 to $790 each, and the artists would have to apply and meet certain income standards.

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ESPN’s Interview With the Von Erichs Airs Friday

According to Kevin Von Erich on Twitter, ESPN Films’ 30 for 30 interview with the famous Texas wrestling family, which has been in the works for at least a year, will see the light.

Prior to catching that on SportsCenter, re-visit the magazine’s 1988 cover story about the Von Erichs’ professional triumphs and personal tragedies.

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Leading Off (2/23/2015)

North Texas Braced For A Taste Of East Coast Misery. Dallas ISD and many others are closed. DFW Airport has preemptively cancelled flights. Road crews have been out since 6 pm last night. Sleet forecasts have increased. Everybody stay safe.

DISD Over-Hires General Education Teachers, Causes Internal Panic. DISD started the school year off back in August with just 16 vacancies, something superintendent Mike Miles hailed as a triumph. Then, in October, executives, in a move that sounds just a tad like a usually trustworthy teenager asking to spend the night at a friend’s house in order to go to a party when they know it’s against the rules even though nothing bad will happen, asked the board to approve another $6.4 million to pay for 165 more school positions that included 137 more teachers. The reason they gave was unexpected student enrollment. Turns out, according to a pile of instant messages obtained by the News from September, DISD had actually hired too many teachers with general education certificates who couldn’t teach subjects like math, science, or a foreign language. Now the question is, was the board misled? My prediction is locked in Neil Patrick Harris’ briefcase.

New Maverick Amar’e Stoudemire Makes Impressive Debut. He scored 14 points in 11 minutes during Sunday night’s game. And the Mavs won, 92-81.

American Sniper Wins One Oscar. It was for sound editing. Taya Kyle was in attendance.

PSA: There’s A Chuck Jones Exhibit At The Fort Worth Museum Of Science And History. I caught this fantastic traveling exhibit when it was at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria. I only just realized that it had traveled here. If ever in your life you derived joy from Bugs Bunny or Daffy or Roadrunner or Elmer Fudd, you must go. It’s a really wonderful look into Jones’ mind and talent.

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FrontBurner Freebie: Two Tickets to Kitchen Dog Theater’s Hooch & Pooch Party

Imagine you are Kate, and I am Leo, and I am asking you from atop a gilded staircase if you want to go to a real party. This one does not include doomed third class passengers hooting along to an Irish polka, but it does feature fine company (theater people are fun), drinks (beer from Deschutes, vodka from Dripping Springs), and decidedly Titanic-era jams (the theme is a “’90s-style rave”).

But seriously, Kitchen Dog’s yearly fundraiser, Hooch & Pooch, is great. Which is why we here at D sponsor it. I went last year and had a blast. This year, I have a pair of tickets to give away. It’s this Saturday, Feb. 21, at 8 pm at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary. Go here to enter. The item you’re registering to win is Hooch & Pooch tickets.

I’ll pick and email the winner on Thursday at 5 pm, near, far, wherever you are. Except you should probably be near.

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Leading Off (2/16/2015)

Fatal Shooting On Lower Greenville. Orlando Pulido, 26, was shot multiple times early Sunday morning in the parking lot behind OT Tavern. The suspect is still at large.

Dirk Dunks. During the All-Star Game. It is adorable.

So-Called “Evening Burglar” Caught. Remember that rash of burglaries, committed by a particularly speedy thief (or thieves) that spread from Plano to Allen to Dallas? Police caught two suspects in the act Friday, you guessed it, evening. Now that the important news has been dispensed with, I would like to point out that this criminal nickname lacks panache. That said, good inter-agency police work!

Dallas Stars’ Tyler Seguin Injured. The team’s leading scorer will be out three to six weeks after taking a hit to the knee during Friday’s game against Florida. This is not great news for the Stars’ playoff hopes. Meanwhile, two other players, Ales Hemsky and Patrick Eaves, were also injured. Eaves got hit in the cheek with a puck. Yee-ouch.

The News Creates Open Records Request Website. This is interesting. The DMN‘s latest project is aimed at helping the public make and track open records requests to state agencies subject to the Texas Public Information Act.

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