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Making Dallas Even Better

Charles Haley: Cowboys Defense is ‘Dumber Than A Box of Rocks’

NFL Hall of Famer and former Dallas Cowboy Charles Haley doesn’t mince words about the Cowboys defense, which figured in the team’s second straight loss yesterday. While the defense was supposed to be the team’s hallmark this year, Haley told a crowd in Dallas this morning, “They’re dumber than a box of rocks. They don’t listen, and that’s why we’re losing.”

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How Richard Rainwater Spent Millions to Find a Cure For His Disease

As Zac mentioned earlier, Fort Worth businessman/philanthropist Richard Rainwater died over the weekend at age 71. Rainwater’s was a rags-to-riches story made tough in the last few years as he battled something called progressive supranuclear palsy. In this March story in D CEO, columnist Steve Kaskovich explained Rainwater’s disease and told how the billionaire was doing everything he could to fight it.

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Ex-Cowboys QBs: Good Things Can Still Happen for Dallas This Season

Tony Romo may be sidelined for eight weeks with a broken collarbone, but two former Cowboys quarterbacks say Dallas may still be on track for a good season. “It’s not all doom and gloom,” said Babe Laufenberg, who played for the ‘Boys from 1989-1991. Hall of Fame QB Roger Staubach agreed—and then some. Romo replacement Brandon Weeden “has a very good arm. He’s just got to get some experience,” said Staubach, who led the Cowboys to their first two championships. “He can do it. It’s more than playing; it’s also mental. It just takes time and experience.

“The defense is playing well. If they can maintain the pace, that helps too,” Staubach went on. “We’re 2-0 now. If we can hang in there through November and be, say, 7-3, or 6-4, and then get Tony and Dez Bryant back for the stretch drive, get some momentum going into the playoffs … That’s what it’s all about then: momentum. So, good things can still happen.”

Staubach and Laufenberg offered their views to a reporter Wednesday at the new West Dallas home of Mary McDermott Cook, who hosted a get-together for the “$25,000 Circle” of the United Way’s Ruth Sharp Altshuler Tocqueville Society for heavyweight donors.

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Saying Goodbye to Ebby, the ‘First First Lady of Dallas’

They lit up downtown and wrapped burgundy bows around the trees in her honor and, at her memorial service Thursday, asked a former First Lady to speak and gave Ebby Halliday Acers more than one standing ovation. Thousands of people in North Texas, it seemed, couldn’t do enough to say good-bye to the woman Laura Bush called “the first First Lady of Dallas.” Maybe that’s because they didn’t really want to say good-bye at all.

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Donald Trump Supporters Eat Up the Red Meat at Dallas Campaign Rally

By 4 p.m. Monday, two hours before the Donald Trump rally was scheduled to start, long lines of fans of the unconventional GOP presidential candidate already were stretching around Dallas’ American Airlines Center. Old-fashioned martial music was blaring from loudspeakers on the building’s north side, not far from a group of Latino protesters and a long-haired Anglo man holding a homemade sign that read, “The KKK and Nazis Support Trump. Do You?!” Two 20-something, frat-looking guys — Daniel Jensen and his pal “AP” — made a beeline for the man with the sign, but they were quickly intercepted by a couple of uniformed cops. “Get off the sidewalk,” one of the policemen snapped. And the frat-looking guys did.

Inside the big sports arena, meantime, the atmosphere was anything but contentious.

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Banker Brings Cowboy Art, Artists To Dallas Country Club

The Dallas Country Club isn’t a venue that’s typically associated with cowboy art. But the country club’s ballroom was filled with it one day last week, when Alan White and PlainsCapital Bank presented a one-day exhibition of paintings and bronze sculptures by members of the prestigious Cowboys Artists of America organization. The 25 artworks, which […]

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Ebby Halliday, R.I.P.

In the coming days, you’re likely to see and hear a lot about Ebby Halliday, the remarkable realty doyenne who passed away Tuesday night at the age of 104. You’ll hear, as we’ve chronicled in D CEO over the years, that she was an optimist, a trailblazer, the savviest of savvy businesswomen, someone who was genuinely thoughtful about others. Also importantly, Ebby was a true and consistent believer in individual initiative, limited government, and free enterprise. She loved her late husband Maurice Acers, Ronald Reagan, Dirk and the Dallas Mavericks–and her many friends.

My wife, Jeanne Prejean, and I feel lucky to have counted ourselves among them. Ebby and her longtime assistant, Betty Turner, attended our “surprise wedding” in 1999. Three months ago, we received a mailed packet from Ebby Halliday Realtors containing items from the event in a see-through folder. Betty explained that Ebby had recently come across the invitation and a few newspaper clippings about the occasion, and thought that we might enjoy seeing them again.

The words “legend” and “giant” are way over-used. But our friend Ebby Halliday really was both. R.I.P.

Builders, Cowboys Pump Up United Way’s $70M-plus Fundraising Goal

In a room packed with high-octane business people—from Comerica’s Ralph Babb and EY’s Debra von Storch to Mark Rohr of Celanese and Locke Lord attorney Harriet Miers—the Fluor Corp. and some ex-Dallas Cowboys teamed up Tuesday to jump-start the 2015-2016 annual fundraising campaign of the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. The occasion was September’s Second […]

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Dinesh D’Souza Goes to His First NFL Game

Dinesh D’Souza, a Mumbai-reared author and public intellectual who’s been called one of America’s most influential conservative thinkers by The New York Times, had never attended an NFL game—until last night’s pre-season scrap between the Cowboys and the Houston Texans. D’Souza and his fiancee, Debbie Fancher of Houston, were guests in T. Boone Pickens’ Owners Club suite at AT&T Stadium. The energy magnate wasn’t there, but his right-hand man, Jay Rosser, showed the pair all the sights, from the “runway” where the ‘Boys retreat to their locker room at halftime to Jerry Jones’ suite (alas, the door was closed).

So, what was D’Souza’s reaction? “It’s very eye-opening for me,” he said. “I’m looking at it as a spectacle, from the point of view of Americana and American culture. … George Will keeps telling us that baseball is America’s game, but I don’t agree. I think football is America’s game. It embodies steel and masculinity and aggressiveness and speed. To me, baseball is like a poor man’s cricket.” D’Souza, whose film 2016: Obama’s America is the second highest-grossing political documentary ever, added that he’s planning to shoot much of a new doc about the progressive movement and Hillary Clinton in Dallas. Not because DFW is a progressive hotbed, but because “there’s a lot of [moviemaking] talent here.”

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Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick: Texas Now Leading U.S. Again in Some Oil and Gas Regs

Texas Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick won’t talk yet about a preliminary report to the commission ruling out a link between earthquakes near Azle and a disposal well operated by XTO Energy—findings that contradicted an earlier study by scientists at SMU, which did find a connection. But during an appearance in Dallas yesterday, Craddick said the commission, which regulates the Texas oil and gas industry, is working with its recently hired staff seismologist to investigate seismic activity and to hold “conversations” with concerned communities.

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Long Day for United Way, Fluor, Dallas Afterschool Puts STEM Education in the Spotlight

Inside the Santa Clara Regional Community Center Education Building in West Dallas, more than 100 local elementary students were quietly interacting yesterday afternoon with 30 volunteers from Fluor Corp., the Irving-based global engineering and construction giant. The purpose of the unusual gathering: to pique the students’ interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education […]

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CEOs Offer Advice for Overcoming Major Business Obstacles

For Gabriella Draney Zielke, the big obstacle was dealing with people. Craig J. Lewis’s was convincing his family and friends to “take the leap of faith” with him to start a business. And Jennifer Sampson overcame hers after hearing from one of the most prominent CEOs in North Texas. These chief executives were among several […]

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Meet the New Fed Boss, Same as the Old Fed Boss?

Age around 60? Check. Steel-grey hair? Check. Wire-rim-type eyeglasses? Check. Background working for a Wall Street investment bank? Check. At first blush Robert Steven Kaplan, just selected as the new president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, seems pretty much like the old president and CEO he’s replacing, Richard Fisher.

While Fisher was known as an “inflation hawk,” though, not that much seems to be known about Kaplan’s views on monetary policy. He’s currently a business professor at Harvard, and previously was vice chairman of the Goldman Sachs Group. (Oh yeah: he’s also on the board of Heidrick & Struggles International, the search firm that was hired to replace Fisher. It’s said he’ll quit the board.)

Assesses Danielle DiMartino Booth, an ex-Fed employee who worked for Fisher as an advisor: “At least on paper, [Kaplan’s] qualifications suggest that he is highly capable of maintaining the Dallas Fed’s reputation as a district that can continue to be global in perspective and incorporate the financial markets into its economic and monetary policy-making framework.”

Anti-Trump Jihad Spills Over to DMN News Pages

Even casual readers of the Dallas Morning News know the paper’s editorial board is freaking out over Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. But now some of that virulent anti-Trump sentiment seems to be leaking over to the news side. In story after story, for example, reporter Sylvan Lane has written that Trump said “most Hispanic immigrants were rapists and criminals.” But, that’s not what Trump said.

In his campaign announcement speech—as CNN’s Anderson Cooper and others have acknowledged—Trump was referring to illegal immigration across the Mexican border when he said: “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending the best. They’re not sending you, they’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists and some, I assume, are good people, but I speak to border guards and they’re telling us what we’re getting.”

Lane ups the anti-Trump ante in a Page One story today, whose first sentence reads: “How do you deal with a bully like Donald Trump?” A photo caption with the story then doubles down on the misquoting, saying Trump has “famously said most Hispanics immigrants were rapists and criminals.” I know the DMN recently laid off at least one of its best veteran political editors, but surely they have somebody on staff who knows a little bit about fairness and accuracy.