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Dallas 500 Quiz 5: Trevor Rees-Jones, Joel Allison, Carl Sewell

For the past couple of months, we’ve been giving you the chance to test your knowledge of DFW business leaders by sharing some of the fun facts in our Dallas 500 special edition. We’re wrapping things up today with Quiz 5, which features, among others, Trevor Rees-Jones, Joel Allison, Kent Rathbun, and Carl Sewell.

Take the quiz below to find out what secrets they revealed.

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Dallas 500 Quiz 2: A Shot at Redemption

If you totally bombed our first Dallas 500 quiz, don’t feel bad. Only a few members of the D CEO team got more than three questions right—and we produced the special edition. (Who knew that oil baron Malone Mitchell once won a Betty Crocker award for homemaking?! There. We’ve just given you a “gimme” if you retake the first quiz.)

Redemption can be had with this second quiz of Dallas 500 fun facts. Take the quiz below.

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6 Dallas-Fort Worth Real Estate Stories to Watch in 2016

Dallas-Fort Worth was recently selected by the Urban Land Institute and PWC as the country’s No. 1 real estate market for 2016. The highly respected ranking is based on expected performance in investment, development, and homebuilding. It credits DFW’s impressive employment growth for the market’s rise to the top—growth that’s supported by a business-friendly environment and attractive cost of doing business and cost of living.

The outlook for North Texas in 2016 is strong across all property types, in both investment and development potential. So, where do the greatest opportunities lie? Over at D Real Estate Daily, we’ve come out with our list of six things to watch this year.

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Quiz: How Well Do You Know DFW’s Business Elite?

You may have heard about our newest publication, the Dallas 500. Produced by the editors of D CEO (after months of research and hundreds of interviews), it includes insider tidbits about the most powerful business leaders in North Texas.

Over the next few weeks, we’re giving you the chance to test your knowledge about these movers and shakers.

Take the quiz below.

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D Magazine Partners and Dallas Chamber to Launch Innovation Hub

A new digital news platform that promotes Dallas-Fort Worth as a hub for innovation was announced at today’s 2015 State of Technology luncheon hosted at Hilton Lincoln Centre by the Dallas Regional Chamber. The DRC is partnering with D Magazine Partners on the initiative, called Dallas Innovates.

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A Few Words About David Carr

I worked with David at a magazine in Minneapolis in the late 1980s. I was a lowly editorial assistant; he was a staff writer. It was my job to type manuscripts into a fancy new Tandy computer and print them out for the editor to read. Even though David was battling a drug problem at the time, his brilliance came through in his work. I have never seen anyone more gifted at stringing words together than David, especially when describing people or scenes. He also was like a Pied Piper, always leading a gaggle out to drink after work. Sometimes he’d be with his buddy Tom Arnold, who’d come into the office from time to time. I’d occasionally tag along. David never wanted the party to end.

In the first chapter of his memoir, The Night of the Gun, David wrote about getting fired from the magazine. I was sitting right outside the door when the editor gave him a rehab ultimatum. David wasn’t ready and walked out. Eventually, of course, he was ready, and his talent and perseverance led him to become one of the most respected and successful journalists in the country. He loved, loved, loved what he did. Here’s one of my favorite quotes of his:

Journalism is “a grand, grand caper. You get to leave, go talk to strangers, ask them anything, come back, type up their stories, edit the tape. That’s not gonna retire your loans as quickly as it should, and it’s not going to turn you into a person who’s worried about what kind of car they should buy, but that’s kind of as it should be. I mean, it beats working.”

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Dale Petroskey Tapped to Lead Dallas Regional Chamber

He has served as assistant White House press secretary to President Ronald Reagan, senior vice president of mission programs for National Geographic, president of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, and has held public relations and marketing posts for both Occidental Petroleum Corp. and the Texas Rangers. Now, Dale Petroskey has been named […]

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