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Leading Off (9/2/14)

Dallas-Area Home Prices Up 9 Percent. Do you own a house? Good for you. Because by July its value should have climbed nearly 10 percent from a year ago. Thank you, Calatrava.

Big Tex Choice Awards Handed Out. Clint Probst’s Fried Gulf Shrimp Boil won the Best Tasting award, and Justin Martinez’s Funnel Cake Ale won Most Creative. I predict that this year Zac will try neither of these offerings.

Relatives Mourn Six Killed in Oak Cliff Car Crash. Three of the victims played football for Kimball High School and had known each other since elementary school.

Fort Worth Police Arrest Driver With Intimidating Haircut. I didn’t write that headline. The folks at WFAA did. I don’t know what’s going on. The guy was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving. And he had an interesting haircut. So I guess that’s news. (Side note: I’m also not sure what’s going on with WFAA’s newly redesigned website. Not saying I don’t like it, but also not saying I do like it. Odd choice to design your “Top News” section so that you can’t read the full headline on each item.)

10 comments on “Leading Off (9/2/14)

  1. What does a bridge in the City of Dallas have to do with housing prices in the Dallas-Fort Worth MSA?

  2. Those who spend more time on this blog than you (and you really should spend more time here) know the joke about how the Calatrava bridge (aka Large Marge, aka the Margaret Hunt Hill) made Dallas a world-class city. That’s the only way to explain the rise in home prices.

  3. Related: I’d like to suggest a new nickname for the MHH Bridge that incorporates its quickly graying exterior: “Dirty Marge.”

  4. Just once, I’d like to see the words “Making Dallas even better” on the cover of D replaced by “A world-class magazine for a world-class city.” Pretty please?

  5. Yes, but wouldn’t at least one of those need to be true?

    Snark snark. I kid because I care.