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Brendan Higgins Arrested in Aspen

Brendan Higgins and wife Jenna
Brendan Higgins and wife Jenna

On Friday, Uncle Barky broke the news that Channel 11 morning anchor Brendan Higgins has been charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest following an August 6 incident in Aspen, Colorado. The highlight from the police report:

“Informed he was being placed under arrest before being handcuffed, Higgins then began cursing officers, according to the reports. Officer Greggory Cole said in his report that Higgins “became angry and began calling Officer (Jeff) Fain and I names. Higgins said, ‘You f***ing pieces of shit’ and ‘I’m going to beat you until you’re dead.’ Higgins then attempted to strike me using a swiping motion with his hands. I pushed Higgins towards the elevator doors, which he was standing a few inches from. Higgins hit the elevator with his head and then pretended to pass out and slumped to the floor. I could tell that Higgins had not actually passed out because he was giggling.”

It’s unclear to me whether the cops or Uncle Barky employed the asterisks.

Higgins’ wife, Jenna, was with him at the time. Which brings to mind the time a few years back that Jenna’s sister, Amy, had a rough night in Aspen. Must be the altitude.