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Tony Romo Is a Good Quarterback, Says (Who Else?) Magic Johnson

Source: WikiCommons

It’s mid-August, which means it’s time to drag up, once again, the perennial conversation about whether or not Tony Romo is a good quarterback — or maybe a great quarterback, or, perhaps, just a ho hum, middle of the pack quarterback. Me, I think Romo has always just been the kind of quarterback who can have the game of his life and then lose the game. It’s like an affliction. He’s really good, until he’s bad. And when he’s bad, it’s usually at the worst time. In the sports talk world, that prompts commentators to say things like he’s not a “competitor” or he can’t “close it out.” I think he might just be cursed by some back alley witch doctor who lives in a hole somewhere near the ruins of the Mormon settlement in Burlington, WI.

Regardless, Romo is good for one thing: creating blabber about whether or not Romo is any good. So let’s kick off the season with Magic Johnson, a Cowboys/Raiders fan (or, in other words, a bad sports fan), who stopped by Oxnard to offer his two cents:

One thing about Tony I love is he’s a competitor, and he’s smart. The dude is smart. And so he’s an all-around athlete. I hope that people understand that he puts up 400 yards and then they give him all the grief. I mean he can’t play defense, you know?

Yes, Magic, yes. But like I said. That’s how it’s always been. I mean, after awhile, you gotta wonder. Why is that? What’s really wrong? I mean, maybe it’s voodoo.

  • Tony Romo Sucks

    Magic is an idiot. What does he even know about football vs Fantasy Football. 400 yards a game is great sure. So is interceptions every time the game is on the line.

  • LDR4

    I’ll have you know that this Cowboys and Raiders fan is a pretty darn good sports fan.

  • Chris O

    The conversation Peter Simer’s referring to ended a long time ago for most NFL fans outside Dallas…They agree that Romo sucks and are wondering why Dallas fans haven’t figured that out by now.