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Poll: Which is the ‘Coolest’ Dallas Suburb?

Highland Park Lakeside Park

Last week, as Peter noted, Forbes released its ranking of America’s “coolest” cities. Dallas came in 10th, falling from 4th the year before. Never mind that their criteria seem bogus, given that Houston once again was higher up the list than Dallas. That’s not what I’m here about.

Forbes got me thinking about our own recent comparative list of the finest places to live in North Texas: the best Dallas suburbs. One criterion we used was something we termed “ambiance score.” You can read our explanation of it here, but I think I’m perfectly within my rights to conflate our notion of “ambiance” with Forbes’ notion of “cool.”

To that end, I’m asking you today to pick the coolest Dallas suburb. Your options come from the 10 suburbs to which we gave higher ambiance scores than Dallas (which got an 84 out of 100). Highland Park was tops with a 96, but does that make it the coolest?

  • Pep

    I taught in Richardson for a number of years. Great schools, but cool it is not. I agree on the comments about the ethnic food that people bring up, but there is a lot more to a community than that. You have the Cottonwood festival in the spring and that’s about it. People shop elsewhere and do activities outside of Richardson a lot. Not a close knit community. No buy in because of it’s diversity. I like Richardson so don’t get me wrong. Just valid points why I don’t think it should be on the list.

  • Anonymous

    So you need to be ethnically diverse to be cool? Kind of narrow minded don’t you think? And by the way you do know that Collin County is one of the wealthiest counties in the country right?

  • McKinney

    Of course McKinney won, it also won Money magazine’s “Best Places To Live 2014”, which wasn’t a poll.