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Deion’s Prime Prep Scandal To Be Featured on Al Jazeera Tonight

Drivers Select, educating at-risk kids. He does it all.

I never watched the Al Gore Network or whatever it was called, so I don’t know what channel Al Jazeera America airs on — or even if Uverse carries it. Also, I don’t know if Uverse is even your carrier. Anyway, let’s not bog down in that. Tonight the show America Tonight will air the broadcast version of this story about Deion Sanders’ Prime Prep. Much of it is a rehashing of material that those of us in Dallas have been following for some time. But the writer did talk to some current and former students and their parents. A sample:

One alumnus, who wished to remain anonymous, said he valued his experience around Sanders and the number of big-time athletes and celebrities he brought into the school, from Johnny Manziel to Snoop Dogg. But when it came to his education and moving toward his dream of getting a Division I scholarship, the young man said the school and the previous administration failed him.

“There were nights I cried myself to sleep,” he said. “I’m a smart kid, and I knew I could go to college and be a good student. I had dreams of playing at a Division I school, so the fact that dream was taken away from me due to people not doing what they were supposed to do — it sucked.”

Overall, the impression left by the story is that if you play high school sports, you probably don’t want to face a Prime Prep team. And if you’re on a Prime Prep team, your high school experience won’t bring you too many challenges in the classroom.

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