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Jones Boys Maybe Need To Sit Out a Few Plays


Jerral Jones and his son Stephen are having quite a week. First embarrassing pictures of Jerry taken five years ago surface. Lesson No. 1: if you’re going to party with strippers, ban all photography. Just to be safe, ban courtroom sketching, too. Then Stephen is caught on video using one of the Cowboys buses to make a beer run, only instead of beer, he picked up a bunch of navel-baring club strumpets. Lesson No. 2: if you’re going on a strumpet run, have the bus pull around back for load in. Gene (Jerry’s wife), Charlotte (Jerry’s daughter), and Karen (Stephen’s wife) must be none too pleased with their men. Here’s the thing about that Cowboys bus:

Remember the old White House that a number of players used as a pleasure dome back in the mid-’90s? Think of that bus (there’s more than one) as a White House on wheels, except it’s for management instead of players. You’re either on the bus or you’re off the bus, and I’ve heard stories about what happens on the bus. Nothing illegal, from what I’m told. Just, like, way NSFW. Been going on for years. I will give them this: at least they’re letting someone else do the driving.