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Forty Five Ten Will Open a Flagship Department Store Downtown in Fall 2015

Forty Five Ten’s current home on McKinney Avenue (photo courtesy of Forty Five Ten)

Forty Five Ten owner Brian Bolke has partnered with Headington Companies. The luxury fashion boutique, currently located at 4510 McKinney Ave., is aiming to be packed up and moved in to new digs on Main Street across from the Joule in fall 2015. The new storefront will offer multiple levels of retail (approximately 45,000 square feet of space) and a rooftop venue space, fitting for the soirees the store throws for visiting designers. The T Room lunchers, don’t fret. The beloved cafe will have a home in the new space, too. Bolke says he’s looking forward to the collaboration among Headington, the designers, and Forty Five Ten shoppers in stocking the expanded space.

“We want half of the store to be things that you haven’t heard about or haven’t seen,” Bolke says. “The other half is the stuff that you’ve always heard about, but just in a way that you haven’t seen yet. So, if we’re going to have Saint Laurent, it’s going to be the version that you haven’t seen yet. Or if we’re going to have Givenchy or Céline, it’s going to be different.”

The store will sit adjacent to Tony Tasset’s Eye sculpture and face downtown’s newest boutiques, Traffic Los Angeles and Comme Des Garçons Play. Shoppers will find womenswear, menswear, apothecary, jewelry, home, and accessories in, what Bolke hopes, will be a constantly evolving storefront.

“I don’t want something that when you open it, it will stay the same for the next 20 years,” he says. “I want something that’s a little more living, breathing, changing, evolving. It’s an incredible opportunity. I feel very lucky. It’s such a cool project.”