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Making Dallas Even Better

Dallas Is Cooler Than New York (And Other Lies Generated By Incessant Online Lists)

Lists are the bread and butter of online traffic, so publications (including our own) try to come up with more and more ways to rank, rate, and otherwise organize cheap content into clickable slideshows. The latest, Forbes‘ list of the United States’ coolest cities. Dallas comes in at number 10 (not bad), just ahead of New York (number 11). Washington D.C. is number 1, Houston is number 4, and, well, why go on? Houston is number 4. Obviously this list is bolsch. So what’s cool, according to Forbes? In short, having stuff (restaurants, sports, art attractions, young people). Anyway, I’m linking only so that the next time you hear about data being employed as a save all solution to some more significant social problem, like, say, public education, remember, while it can drive a certain kind of understanding, data also believes Houston is cooler than San Francisco.

Okay New York haters, have at it in the comments.

  • AeroRazavi

    ….but Dallas is still not cooler than Riverside. We have our work cut out for us.

  • Bum

    A+ for ginning up a rivalry with Houston, but I’m just not feeling it. Large city rivalries work better in non-transient, parochial places like Boston.

    If I were you, I’d focus more on rivalries b/w Dallas neighborhoods and ‘burbs that siphon our tax dollars and resources like the Park Cities, Plano, etc. That’s how you will get the clicks.