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The Best Thing Written So Far About the John Wiley Price Indictment

The John Wiley Price indictment is a big story, and I’m sure many journalists in town scurried to the courthouse, drooling over the drama that would unfold in the months to come. I did. But I also thought about Jim Schutze, because Schutze knows this story better than anyone in this town, and I was excited to see what he would do with it. In short, Schutze is delivering. Here’s his latest piece, a comprehensive overview of the real scandal, not the bribery, but the way Dallas leaders sold out Dallas and lost the opportunity to develop an Inland Port in South Dallas that would have completely transformed the city’s economic base while bringing tens of thousands of jobs to South Dallas. Here’s the money quote:

I’ve known Price for a long time. I look at him sometimes, and I don’t see a black guy anyway. I see a Dallas guy. He’s a typical Dallas guy who worships money. He loves the thrill of the deal. He thinks of hardworking pluggers as just shy of losers and worse. In 2008, when I asked him how he could oppose something that promised so many jobs in southern Dallas, he told me sneeringly he associatedĀ labor with slavery.

In fact he put that thought in a letter to Allen. “During slavery,” he wrote, “everybody had a job.”

Put it in writing. That proud of it. That may be a cynicism so profound that it transcends race, or descends it. I wonder sometimes. If all anybody really believes in is the big money and the fast deal, is there no one left out there to believe in the city?

  • Bill Marvel

    That’s why, when Schutze is good, there’s nobody better. When he’s good.

  • joeptone

    He’s always good. He’s sometimes worse than the best. Even then he’s better than most.

  • rjd

    I see what Schutze is saying, but I don’t mind people (not sure JWP should be their spokesmen) pushing back against the generally uncritically accepted idea that increased wage labor is a panacea for social ills.

  • RAB

    Truthfully, he went through a protracted suck period, as most recently evidenced by his take on the Nasher/Museum Tower kerfuffle. (His seething jealousy of people with money tends to trip him up.)

    But this one is good, real good. I hope he keeps at it.

  • John O’Neill

    This investigation will be for naught if the inland port isn’t a key component of this. I believe JWP should be in jail as much as anybody, but at the end of the day he is a relatively small player in a much larger scheme.

  • Bill Marvel

    Nobody is “always good.”

  • Gene Ralno

    That would pretty much sum up everyone who voted for this charlatan. Pretty much fits those who voted for Dear Leader too.