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Leading Off (7/2/14)

Fertilizer Storage Bill Gets GOP Pushback: It can’t officially see the light until the Texas Lege reconvenes in January, but the first draft of a bill which would add additional storage regulations is apparently “a power grab.” I’d be happy to personally send as many copies of Zac’s West story to Austin as need be.

Plano Man Pleads Guilty in Gas Line Bombing: Anson Chi took a surprise plea deal, admitting that he used a homemade bomb in an attempt to blow up a Plano gas line. Chi faces 30 years in jail, and will continue to represent himself. I’m sure that will go well.

Dallas Prepares for Wave of Migrant Children: Here’s the thing that I want to highlight: “The children will not be enrolled in public schools, but will be fed, educated and offered medical care at the shelters.” Hmm. Okay. I understand that there’s a need to walk a fine political line, but to purposefully restrict them from schools—when their case may not come to court for months, or even years—seems short-sighted. Yes, this is labeled as a temporary solution, but to not prepare for a more permanent solution is, again, short-sighted.

Obligatory U.S. Men’s National Team Link: Omar Gonzalez is from Dallas, and he was one of the strongest parts of the American squad’s game yesterday. Thousands attended a viewing party at AT&T Stadium, which, even as a soccer fan, I did not expect. Well done, Dallas, see you in 2018. Semis or bust.