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Dallas-Fort Worth Had the Lowest USMNT Game Ratings

Lord and (almost) savior.
Lord and (almost) savior. Source: Wikipedia

Dallas-Fort Worth drew a 5.5 Nielsen rating for yesterday’s U.S.-Belgium game, good enough for….last in the entire United States. Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Knoxville, Cleveland for God’s sake: all drew better ratings. Cleveland!

Here are the top markets:

1. New York: 15.0
2. Hartford-New Haven, Conn.: 13.2
3. Washington, D.C.: 12.8
4. Richmond-Petersburg, Va.: 12.3
5. Boston: 12.2
(47 more periods)
56. Dallas-Fort Worth: 5.5

10 comments on “Dallas-Fort Worth Had the Lowest USMNT Game Ratings

  1. Does it take into account folks watching at bars or other group viewings like Alamo Drafthouse?

  2. It does not include univision and crowd watching is not included. So the 20K at the DeathStar and the 3K at Victory plaza are not included… But, as a DFW soccer fan, I am mystfyied by this continued low performance of soccer watching in Dallas.

  3. What is the unemployment rate in the top 5 markets compared to D/FW?

  4. 1. New York: 7.4 percent
    2. Hartford-New Haven: 6.9/7.3
    3. Washington, D.C.: 7.5
    4. Richmond-Petersburg: 5.7/9.1
    5. Boston: 5.2

    Dallas-Fort Worth: 5.1/4.7

    These are just for the cities, though, not the surrounding metro areas, which is what Nielsen studies.

  5. Low? Compared to what? If soccer watching in these parts are that bad, there would not be a Cruz Azul v CF Monterrey game in Dallas tomorrow evening. I would hazard to guess there are probably more followers of Liga MX in DFW than say MLS. But it is still soccer nonetheless.

  6. Does this include people who may have accidentally picked the broadcast up on fillings in their teeth?