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Please Look at These Poolside Pics Taken at Sisu


Sisu fascinates me. It’s that Uptown club with the pool. At least I think it’s a club. Whatever. It has a pool. And young people go there and drink and wear very little clothing. Not really my kind of place. Which is why I’m seriously giving some thought to going.

Anyway, over on our Nightlife section, there’s a photo gallery from Sisu that deserves your attention. I encourage you to flip through every image. When you’re done, see if you can guess which is my favorite.

17 comments on “Please Look at These Poolside Pics Taken at Sisu

  1. What a nice typical group of Uptownites. Douches, Douchette, Faux Thugs, ill-advised ink, DJ, and short-bus ‘Tard in the City of Dallas trucker hat. My guess is the water has a nice yellow hue by 2 PM and stinks of mimosas.

  2. Are you sure it isn’t the guy wearing suspenders with his bathing suit?

  3. Oddly, the woman on the left in the first picture is also wearing a hat with the City Hall logo. I worked inside City Hall for years. It was, how can I say, not like this.

  4. I’d like to check that place out, but I don’t think I meet the minimum tattoo requirement.

  5. Once, when I get out of State supported Gay Conversion Camp, I am going to like all six of those things in this picture.

  6. I’m so glad I know none of these people…

    I thought it was the guy smoking a joint? in #24.

  7. Reminds me of the rooftop pool at The Mosaic. Another favorite spot of this crowd. The building had to send out a note to residents asking them to have their pool guests go easier on the suntan lotion because it was forcing them to have to drain the pool and scrub the walls after every weekend.

  8. Great pics! Thankfully I was young and dumb in the 90’s (playing Merge Morning show parties). I can’t wait to see Frisco in 15 years…. soccer moms in their sweater sets with full tat sleeves.