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Watch the City Council’s Kung Fu Saloon Infiltration

Bush drew a comparison.

Zac recently pronounced Rudy Bush the Dallas Morning News’ best columnist; a seemingly embarrassed Bush dodged the praise and dubbed Gordon Keith the paper’s top dog. Well, maybe there’s a touch of Keith rubbing off on his colleague. Check out the extra dry wit in this video brief Bush filed about yesterday’s council “field trip” to the Kung Fu Saloon, a bar which the council has pledged to investigate for civil rights violations after a young African-American male was denied entry over the weekend. Bush manages to drop mention of drinking on Philip Kingston’s tab, compares Dwaine Caraway to Kim Jong Il, and discovers that in the empty afternoon some of the only people actually at the Kung Fu were African-American.

  • Johnyalamo

    I pulled up the video but got distracted for a couple of minutes. When I came back to it , the page had this story and headline but with a video of a bunch of Germans yelling and an elephant kicking a soccer ball. …Which seemed like any other Dallas City Council meeting.

  • Mavdog

    Come to think of it, I cannot recall ever seeing Councilman Caraway and Kim Jong Il in the same room at the same time.hmmm..
    Also LOL at the mention of the bartender’s “bang the gong”. T Rex immediately popped into my head.