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Will Trammell Crow Co. Screw Up Dallas’ ‘Best’ Real Estate Development Spot?

The Trammell Crow Co. isn’t winning any friends with their proposed Sam’s Club development across from Cityplace. Now, news breaks that the development company has purchased another important piece of in-town real estate: the Chase Bank site adjacent to Klyde Warren Park.

As it exists today, the area north of Klyde Warren is pretty inhospitable to the stated goal of the deck park, namely, to stitch together Uptown and downtown. There’s no sense of an organic pedestrian connection, few visual cues to draw people from the park to the McKinney and the rest of Uptown, and too many building back-ends, faceless facades, and parking lot entryways to give them a reason to do anything but stay packed on the park deck. The Chase Bank site offers the last, best chance to redevelop the area in a way that will really connect the area. That the responsibility of this vital development project now falls to Trammell Crow, the company that wants to stick a Sam’s Club on a site that should be used to help the West Village jump Central Expressway, gives me pause. They have to get this development right, and getting it right in this case means building something that is nearly perfectly designed. Anything less will be a squandered opportunity we’ll be forced to live with for at least a generation.


11 comments on “Will Trammell Crow Co. Screw Up Dallas’ ‘Best’ Real Estate Development Spot?

  1. If they stay true to their previous actions, they will most definitely do whatever would be the worst thing for the space. Probably after taking taxpayer money in some way.

    Anyone just needs to take a look at the Walmart fiasco they created at Timber Creek Crossing.

  2. Peter – your magazine’s silence on Sam’s Club is deafening. This is the first acknowledgement.

  3. Has anyone looked into the facts and circumstances surrounding the manner in which Trammell Crow supposedly obtained the Sam’s Club rezoning? The more one digs into it, the more irregularities one finds.

  4. Let’s wait to see what they present to the area residents, businesses, and city and see what they switch it to. Could it be another bait and switch like they did at “East Village”.

  5. I urge the area residents and businesses to watch and scrutinize this developer’s intentions themselves and do it ASAP. The pending disaster of Trammel Crowe dropping an airport sized Sam’s Club in the middle of the Uptown redevelopment was oblivious to Dallas City planners.

  6. Any proposal from Trammel Crow should henceforth get the very strictest of scrutiny from staff and the plan commission. They have shown themselves to be deceitful in the extreme, and every one of their future developments should be treated with the utmost caution.

  7. All the more reason why Dallas needs to adopt a mandatory Vertical Mixed Use ordinance for anything within the city’s core (say 2-3 miles out from downtown). Austin has one and not a single building within virtually a 5 mile radius of downtown gets to go in without some sort of street level activation.

  8. After sitting through their presentation last night before Oak Lawn Committee (see for details), I will henceforth no longer be referring to this company as Trammell Crow Co. but as CBRE. My apologies to the late Mr. Crow and his progeny for any inferred association with this Godzilla of a mess.

  9. Googling around and saw the New Sams in Silver Spring, Maryland. 135000 square feet and and a gas station too. I would think this is Sam’s new urban prototype, or sort of urban.Apparently Costco passed on the idea. Speaking of traffic, ever since the new Sams Walmart combo opened off Northwest Highway and 75 , that intersection seems to always be clogged both directions on Central at those exits. Am I hallucinating ?