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Bob Hall. Via Facebook.

The Man Who’s About to Represent North Texas in the State Senate Thinks Bike Paths Are a UN Plot, and That His Opponent Was Controlled By Satan

Those are two of the major takeaways from Forrest Wilder’s Texas Observer piece on Bob Hall, the Tea Party politico who just unseated three-term State Sen. Bob Deuell in the District Two GOP runoff. This graph pretty much explains it all:

[Hall] doesn’t understand “why the [immigrants] who are coming here want to turn it into a country like where they came from.” He thinks Obama is using public schools for “communist indoctrination.” He thinks bike paths are part of a United Nations plot. He believes a “confederacy of states” can nullify federal laws. He thinks Bob Deuell was controlled by Satan.

I took a look at his “Texas Values” manifesto on his website, and found this tidbit, too:

“American English” should be the official language; government materials should be published only in “American English.”

Since there’s no Democrat in the race, Hall is all but assured the seat. Texas Senate District Two represents parts of eight counties, including Rockwall and Dallas counties. Mesquite, Rowlett, Garland: he’s all yours.