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Mark Cuban Tries to Make Point About Cultural Prejudice, Is Labeled Racist

On the 30-minute drive to Plano this morning (only one more day!), I thought through the epic essay I was going to post about this conflagration. (If you are on the Internet and don’t know the back story, I don’t believe you, but MacMahon over at ESPN Dallas has a good recap.) It was going to talk about the inelegant way Cuban voiced a complicated problem. It would have been a media critique, a look at dumbest thing Cuban ever said that everyone ignored (that he has never failed, because he learns from his mistakes … which I can soapbox about all evening if you buy me a drink), and it would probably have featured a link to this because I’m deep like that. In summary, I would have said calling Cuban a racist is silly. UPDATE: I almost immediately realized that’s too flip. He is not racist, but it’s understandable that people worry that by saying, “Hey, everyone feels this way” that it excuses the prejudice as inevitable and above criticism. (Better.)

But then the great Drew Magary put this up at Deadspin: “A List of People You May Cross the Street to Avoid.” And I figured that’s all you wanted to hear from me on the subject: Who handled it the funniest? Carry on.

(P.s.: If you don’t think you’ll soon see Cuban wearing a hoodie, you haven’t been paying attention.)