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Making Dallas Even Better

D Magazine is Looking for the 10 Most Eligible Men in Dallas

Some of you asked for it. Some of you whined about it. Now, we’re doing it. D Magazine producing a contest to complement the 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas: the 10 Most Eligible Men in Dallas. We’re looking for the most desirable bachelors in North Texas. As usual, we need your help. Nominate your friends, brothers, next door neighbors, exes, bosses, coworkers, mailmen, etc. here.


  • Suzanne

    Needless to say, Wick Allison will be on my submission. Me-ow!

  • D. Shapiro

    My wife filed divorce papers last week. Just. In. Time. Sign me up!

  • David Hopkins

    I’m confused. Do you have to hold an undergraduate degree from a university or college to be nominated? Or be a young knight serving under another’s banner?

  • Michael Barnard

    Michael George Barnard