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The Broadcast Host Walks Off Set Over Discussion of Michael Sam Kiss

Gawker has mentioned a discussion that took place during yesterday’s edition of the The Broadcast, the morning show with which you may or may not remember D Magazine is no longer affiliated.

Lisa Pineiro and Courtney Kerr (yes, that Courtney Kerr) are in the what’s-the-big-deal-about-Michael-Sam-kissing-his-boyfriend-on-ESPN camp. Kerr says those who are speaking out against the appropriateness of the celebratory moment, which took place after Sam had been drafted by the NFL’s St. Louis Rams, are “racist against homosexuals.”

Co-hosts Suzie Humphries and Amy Kushnir come down on the other side, complaining about how the kiss was “pushed in faces” and wondering why can’t they just speak their minds without other people attacking them as bigots. Near the end of the 9-minute discussion, Kushnir walks off the set.

It’s not so nice to see coastal elites take notice of moments like this.