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Bring your quarters.

If You Want to Change Your Kid at Nordstrom, Bring a Stack of Quarters

I don’t have children, and have changed a limited number of diapers over the course of my life. But “charging money for bathroom changing tables” brought up a limited number of Google hits—mostly this exchange on a BabyCenter message board about a Walmart—so here we are.

I took this photo recently in a men’s room at the Nordstrom in the Galleria. What you see is a $1.00 fee to change your kid on the changing table. Other, free options, should you find yourself quarter-less with a less-than-crapless child:

- strip your kid naked, bath bottom half in the sink
– change diaper on the floor of the shoe section
– Leave? I don’t know. Again, I don’t have kids.

Does this seem completely unreasonable to others? Or am I just overreacting? Or am I completely misunderstanding this and a genie pops out and lends a hand for a buck?

UPDATE: I’m an idiot, as we all expected. Comment:

Hi there, Emily from Nordstrom here. We saw your post (and your tweet) and wanted to follow up. What you’re seeing here is actually a diaper dispenser (we offer those for $1). Our changing tables are located next to the diaper dispenser and are free for moms and dads to use in times of need! Hope this clears up any confusion.”