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Steve Nash Asks Dirk: Would We Have Won a Championship if I Stayed in Dallas?

The Mavericks kick off their playoff run this Sunday against the Spurs, though no one is expecting them to get very far. Over on Grantland, a new mini-doc raises another question: How far could the Mavs have gotten if Steve Nash didn’t leave the team in 2004?

The video follows Nash, who battles back to the court after a bad injury, talks about his solitary nighttime shoot arounds, shares memories of his career, and has dinner with old pal Dirk Nowitzki. During that dinner, Nash asks his rookie year roommate if he thinks they could have won a championship together or if Dirk would be fighting to get back into the game like Nash. It’s a somewhat melancholy affair, with body-broken Nash wrestling with the imaginable impossibilities of would-haves and could-haves—shared speculations at what, with each subsequent year, feels more and more like the looming end of an era.

  • LDR4

    Nowitzki*, Peter. Not “Nowinski.”

  • Bmitchell

    Dirk’s last name misspelled…

  • Brandon Snook

    I am pretty sure they would have, just like I’m pretty sure they would have anyway if Dirk hadn’t hurt his ankle AND Steve Kerr just rode the bench that one time.

  • rvponders

    Makes me sad to hear this, don’t think I can watch it. Always liked Steve and thought he was a great Mav while he was here – he was always entertaining to watch play.

  • mavdog

    IMO it is impossible to answer, just too many variables to answer. There have been so many great duos who never got a ring (Malone/Stockton, Barkley/Johnson come to mind).
    The one certainty is they would have compete for one each and every year they were both healthy, and it would have been a very enjoyable era.
    That being said, it has been a very enjoyable era with Dirk. I am going to miss the guy when he hangs them up. Irreplaceable.