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Let’s Help This Richardson Teenager Go to Prom With Miss Teen USA

Jonathan “Money” Lester is nothing if not industrious. Look, it’s right there in his Twitter handle, @jmoneylester, and in his Twitter bio: “God first! Basketball player. Respect Women! Single. Miami Heat!! Server at Steak n’ Shake. SNEAKERHEAD.” A man of many interests, and respect.

He’s also somehow cooked up a scheme where, if he gets 100,000 retweets on a Twitter post, he gets to go to the Richardson High School prom with Miss Teen USA, Cassidy Wolf.

Here’s the tweet:

There’s a debate in the office right now whether Lester should go to prom with Wolf or “some nice girl at his high school that probably really likes @jmoneylester, but is maybe too shy to ask @jmoneylester to prom.” I vote for Wolf, because I remember being 17, and that would’ve been off the chain.

Go forth and RT.