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Let’s Help This Richardson Teenager Go to Prom With Miss Teen USA

Jonathan “Money” Lester is nothing if not industrious. Look, it’s right there in his Twitter handle, @jmoneylester, and in his Twitter bio: “God first! Basketball player. Respect Women! Single. Miami Heat!! Server at Steak n’ Shake. SNEAKERHEAD.” A man of many interests, and respect.

He’s also somehow cooked up a scheme where, if he gets 100,000 retweets on a Twitter post, he gets to go to the Richardson High School prom with Miss Teen USA, Cassidy Wolf.

Here’s the tweet:

There’s a debate in the office right now whether Lester should go to prom with Wolf or “some nice girl at his high school that probably really likes @jmoneylester, but is maybe too shy to ask @jmoneylester to prom.” I vote for Wolf, because I remember being 17, and that would’ve been off the chain.

Go forth and RT.

  • LDR4

    I was all prepared to give him an RT until I saw that he is a Heat fan. Nope.

  • zaccrain

    Strongly agree. Sorry, son.

  • BradfordPearson

    I had a feeling this might hold back Mr. Money.

  • Dan Koller

    When you copied that tweet, he had fewer than 1 percent of the retweets he needed. That theoretical “nice girl at his high school” should go ahead and ask him, because he’ll probably be available.

  • Elizabeth Johnstone

    I don’t feel like I was accurately quoted here. I didn’t say anything about being shy, I just said, you know, she’s waiting. Hoping.

  • CamilleMusick

    Why don’t we instead focus on helping send Richardson Rugby Club to STATE April 26-27th in Katy, TX! These boys took 1st place in the Northern Division and the coaches have given their time free of charge to this club sport, but they need our help for travel essentials, matching game socks, shorts and more! This is a Rudy story, see more here:

  • BradfordPearson

    We can do both!

  • XLT_Dad

    I know young Mr. Lester. Terrific, sweet kid. Good ball player, too. Comes from a nice family. I can forgive the Heat frontrunning, even though I personally despise the team.