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Making Dallas Even Better

RIP Ultimate Warrior

James Brian Hellwig, aka Blade Runner Rock, aka the Dingo Warrior, aka the Ultimate Warrior, aka Warrior, died Tuesday. He was 54.

In some of the earliest days of his pro wrestling career, Hellwig wrestled for World Class Championship Wrestling, a Dallas-based outfit. Subsequently, he appeared in a slew of bizarre Westway Ford TV ads in the late 80s. I’m sure someone in the Dallas media will do a more thorough rundown of the Warrior’s Dallas exploits, but I stumbled across these ads earlier this year, and am sad that I now have a reason to share:

  • btc

    I realize this is a post about a man who just died, but my whole office is singing Westway Ford and Western Warehouse jingles. I just caught a Trophy Nissan rap and there’s some serious discussion about the ageless beauty of the Standard Insurance lady. Also, I’m about to do my 12-12-Loop-12 impression…