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April Fool’s!

No, there was never a racist sex joke in Leading Off this morning. No, I wasn’t drunk. All the typos and so forth were intentional, meant to indicate that I was impaired. The first five comments were Mike Snyder’ed by yours truly to stir up curiosity. I’ll tell you that today’s prank taught me that April Fool’s in the age of social media isn’t what it used to be. Just too hard to control the flow of information. And I could be wrong about this, but people are less credulous. All the same, I got a few emails and texts that tell me some of you were suckered (as did my wife). And that does not make me sad.

Just for fun, have a look back at the prank we pulled in 2010, back before Facebook and Twitter ruined our lives. We launched A Magazine, the city magazine of Arlington. The comments to that post are plentiful and pleasing.