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All Clichés Are Bigger in Texas Award Nominee: Starting a Business Edition

Nothing says "cutting-edge business environment" like the inside of a western wear store.   (Photo: Bachir/Flickr)
Nothing says “cutting-edge business environment” like the inside of a western wear store. (Photo: Bachir/Flickr)

So Forbes recently ranked Dallas as one of the best markets in the country for starting a business. The seventh-best, to be exact. Said they of our fair city:

The northern Texas city gets consistently good marks across all categories. Its small businesses, while not as well-liked as others on our list, are likely to fall in high-growth industries and adopt social media. With nearly half of its businesses employing less than 50 people, Dallas also boasts a relatively large small business community.

That’s all good and fine. But we’re here to discuss their choice of photo in representing Dallas as a vibrant home to entrepreneurship: A row of western boots.

Let’s see how this compares to the art used for the remainder of the top 12:

  1. San Diego: an image of the city’s fun and funky downtown.
  2. Denver: a parkour enthusiast leaping among the city’s skyscrapers.
  3. Austin: a speaker holding forth at SXSW Interactive.
  4. Seattle: a view of Puget Sound from the city’s famed Public Market.
  5. Portland: a pretty, waifish girl bike shopping.
  6. San Francisco: the city’s gorgeous skyline and view of the bay.
  7. Dallas: Boots
  8. Boston: Rows of tightly-packed housing
  9. New York: A hipster-run taco joint.
  10. Chicago: a cool-cat advertising agency
  11. Las Vegas: A vomitous mass of American iconography consumed and regurgitated back onto the Strip.
  12. San Jose: A young nonprofit founder mentoring other young attractive entrepreneurs.

Judging purely on the photos, then, where do you want to start a business? I think we only top Boston, maybe.