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Mike Rawlings Walks Out of Dallas ISD Home-Rule Meeting

Unfair Park is reporting that when political consultant¬†Anna Casey grilled Mike Rawlings regarding statistics he was citing on how poorly Dallas ISD is serving its students, the mayor walked out of a closed meeting with Hispanic leaders at an East Dallas church last night. Schutze calls it a “debacle”:

When she persisted, Rawlings stammered and then stalked out without saying a word, the sources said. The 25 to 30 attendees were apparently astounded. His behavior was denounced as thin-skinned and disrespectful, even by conservative Republican Latino leaders normally in the mayor’s camp.

I have messages in since last night to Rawlings, the political consultants running the home-rule push and to Jeronimo Valdez, who was supposed to be Rawlings’ Latino consigliere for the meeting. I told them I was hearing that they’d botched the meeting, and I asked for comment. Valdez texted me back saying he would be happy to chat in the morning. I will let you know what he says and, if I hear from the other two, I will pass on their version of things as well.

Two sides to every story, right? But, man, I sure got an earful last night from the people Rawlings walked out on. They were not impressed.