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Dallas Pets Alive! Pet of the Month (March 2014)

Chance and a pal.
Chance and a pal.

Have you read the recent news about scans that suggest previously unappreciated similarities between dog and human brains? It’s more evidence for why these domesticated creatures are our species’ best friends.

It’s as good an excuse as any to launch a new monthly series on FrontBurner from Dallas Pets Alive!, an animal rescue group run entirely by volunteers, with all of the pets housed by foster families throughout North Texas. You’ve maybe seen the organization’s #muttbombing campaign on Instagram, featured recently on HuffPoUSA Today or CNN?

They’ll be highlighting a pet of the month for us. Today’s the first:

Chance is a 50-pound, young adult Staffordshire terrier mix. This consummate goofball had a tough life before his rescue, but it doesn’t show. Playful, active, silly and sweet, he gets along great with his foster brother, an English bulldog who bears no snobbery towards mixed breeds. Chance wants an active household with time for play and exercise and tennis ball-throwing.

Skills: Tug-of-war, bunny hopping through the grass.

Likes: Your face; also treats, Treats, TREATS.

Dislikes: Breed-specific legislation.

Read more about Chance on his profile page or by emailing