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Leading Off (2/28/14)

Gordon Keith Writes About the N-Word. See if you can spot the dangling modifier in Gordon’s DMN op-ed about the NFL’s considering a ban of a certain word that begins with “n” and is not “national.” Worth a read, though.

Allen Football Stadium Closed Due to Structural Problems. Remember that sweet $60 million high school football stadium in Allen? It’s broken. There are big cracks in the concourse and “other potential problems in the structure.” Allen ISD board president Louise Master says the decision to close the joint, which will affect graduation ceremonies, came out of “an abundance of caution.” Same reason I use those scissors with the rounded tips.

Dallas Is a Finalist To Host G.O.P. Convention. We are one of the eight finalist cities. Don’t worry about the fact that this story doesn’t mention how many cities initially threw their hats onto the elephant or who the other seven finalist cities are. The Dallas host committee heads to D.C. to make the pitch in person on Monday. Said Dallas CVB CEO Phillip Jones, “Dallas is America’s city. It’s a can-do city. It’s got optimism, opportunity, entrepreneurial spirit, free market capitalism. Everything we stand for, I think the Republican National Party stands for.” The other finalists, as it happens, are Kansas City, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. Let’s see. Las Vegas is a can’t-do city. Phoenix, as everyone knows, is a communist city without a free market. Columbus is filled with pessimism. And Denver — oh, never mind. You get the joke. Not sure why Jones didn’t just say, “None of those other cities is home to the artist George W. Bush.” Mark it down now, folks. We’ve got this thing.