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Fake Chart Westcott Twitter Account Is Good for a Giggle

Surely you know who Chart Westcott is. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. The Fake Chart Westcott is currently struggling through life without his butler, Benedict. Enjoy. And let’s field some guesses in the comments as to who is behind the account.

  • Big South

    Court Alley’s guy Pat Kobler

  • Tammy Jo

    Morgan Meyer’s wife or one of her pro-abortion gal pals,

  • Lawyer

    Rumor around the water cooler is it’s a certain soon to be VE associate.

  • Frank shingles

    I hear its chart pulling a double fake out. Any attention is good

  • Mustang

    The cokehead former SMU student body president? i’d be surprised as his his brain is rotted too far to be that clever.

  • Real McCoy

    None of the clowns working for Chart would be clever enough to think up something like this. With $1.1 million raised you’d think he’d be able to hire some better talent

  • Peruna

    I think it’s pretty obvious who it is…… Benedict, of course!

  • Neal K

    On a slightly unrelated note, could Court Alley possibly have a worse name for his website?

    I would have gone with Ü, but that’s just me.

  • Rust Coale

    The Yellow King