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Is Dallas the Best Convention City in the Country?

Photo by Scott Womack

I can answer that question. The answer is the following: no. No, it is not. But we are one of 20 cities in the running in a readers’ poll being conducted by USA Today. I can also tell you that Indianapolis, which currently has the most votes, is not the best convention city in the country. I say this with confidence, even though I have never been to Indianapolis. Here’s why USA Today says Dallas deserves consideration:

With centrally-located DFW and Love Field both serving Dallas convention-goers, it couldn’t be easier to reach. Once you arrive, it’s affordable to get to the the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center, which is more than capable of handling large events. Some attractions and nightlife options are nearby, while others — like House of Blues — are a mere cab ride away. Hotels and restaurants do, for the most part, require travel, but Dallas offers lots of great things to do after hours . . . including shopping at Neiman-Marcus’ flagship store, or eating Texas beef.

I have so many problems with that description, not the least of which are the superfluous hyphens in “centrally-located” and “Neiman-Marcus,” and the errant “n” in “Hutchinson.” But the worst part is the overall sales job. Who cares about affordability? If you’re headed to a convention, the company is paying! The House of Blues? That’s our selling point? And beef? Ugh. We might as well be Indianapolis.